Criminal Intent

SillySod 62

Do you enjoy rolling in absurd amounts of money?

Yes, you do! Omnomnom money.

I haven't spent much time tuning this deck but it is completely brutal. Rosetta 2.0 is the a powerhouse that allows you to combo Cache -> Overmind -> Overmind -> Overmind -> Bird pretty much for free (clearly Los loves a bargain). The rest of the deck is comprised of multi-access and econ. More multi-access would probably be useful because it vomits out econ all day long. If you play cards and they don't spew money everywhere you're doing it wrong.

The deck is also ready built for post-rotation play - just swap Keyhole for some other multi-access tool. Probably Medium? I'm planning to ditch Los and convert to some kind of delicious Fisk The Truth variant.