Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Handsome Jack 1586

Hey remember the Constellation ICE? A taxing set of sentries that are never used? Well here they all are, in one deck! Crazy, right? Have you ever wanted to:

Give the runner 2 tags (On demand)

Do 2 net damage (On demand)

Trash 2 programs (On demand)

Trash 2 Sifrs (On demand)

Me too! Anyway, score Improved Tracers, then win, probably.

7 Aug 2017 dobrebydlo

Why x3 Special Report? How do you use it here?

7 Aug 2017 Handsome Jack

The purpose of of Special Report here is to mitigate agenda flood as this deck ia post rotation, sans Jackson Howard.

10 Aug 2017 dobrebydlo

Was trying this out today, it did not go well. I changed it a bit, there is not much draw here and no tag punishment, so i added x2 closed accounts and x2 anonymous tip, cut down 3 ice and 1 special report. Managed to get a few wins, although its hard to say how this will work post-rotation. Also, Constellation ICEs did not fire even once -.-'