CheersLoveTheCalverysHere.dek Dallas Regionals 2nd Place

kaizerjd 71

Hey, this is a cool deck. It had an awesome write-up but nrdb ate it, and so now it doesn't.

Read this guys instead:
He won, I didn't, so it's probably better that way.

Error while making the decklist. it should be -1 Resistor +1 Macrophage

18 Jul 2017 kaizerjd

notable comments at the start of the tournament:
1. You're running Restructured Datapool???
2. WTH is Net Quarantine???
3. I guess Macrophage is a good tech card, but 3 of them???

18 Jul 2017 NetDad

Decklist shows 2 Macrophage?

18 Jul 2017 el-zilcho

@kaizerjd Read Aryabhata tech and you'll understand why Macrophage is insane in every matchup.

18 Jul 2017 AtropheX

@Kwyjibo those are the comments he received, he knows very well why it's good :)

18 Jul 2017 el-zilcho

Oh, whoops. lol. Didn't realize that it was the deck poster.

18 Jul 2017 kaizerjd

@LiteS whoops. that must have been part of the changes that NRDB ate while I was doing the write-up. I did a few by-hand edits on the deck the night before the tournament, one of which was 3x macrophage, I'll edit it again later, but if I had to guess it was either drop a resistor or a popup window.

19 Jul 2017 MikeJS

Cavalry! :-P

Filthy deck, well done!!

20 Jul 2017 Ebrey

This deck beat me twice - absolutely savage!

20 Jul 2017 Eji1700

Took it for a spin in jinteki casuals.

Game 1 i hit a kit, set up poorly, screwed up multiple times, and she wound up with mopus, toolbox, and sanctuary. Felt weak as hell.

Game 2 was an andromeda who rebirthed into leela, played medium, bounced my ice, then siphoned me. Next turn she won on the medium dig.

I was not thrilled, and wondered how this was supposed to work(not that game 2 wasn't insanely lucky for the runner).

Game 3 I hit a poor null player and opened with door to door followed by tech on turn 2. He spent almost the entire game broke, tagged, and losing cards while a dug for a win and I suddenly felt terrible for playing this in casuals.

In short holy hell this is the NBN deck I'd always hoped could exist.

20 Jul 2017 Manadog

I assume you mostly kill people but if you aren't running psychographics is there any reason 1 of those Beales isn't an Astro?

21 Jul 2017 kaizerjd

While most of the games were a boom win if I was going for a score win the optimal path would be a datapool into an over advanced beale. There isn't a lot to gain from the astro counter in the deck because it creates really long scoring windows eventually. Once you get a money lock on them where they have 2-3 credits and you have everything iced and you have a couple of aryabata up you just score out whatever you want. I don't think it would be wrong to swap either a beale or a net quarantine for astro, but I also don't think it's necessary.