Rob The Roberman 2.0

gumonshoe 2973

This is the list I've been running. It's good for casual. you've got some answers vs competitive decks. If you see blackmail walk away and play someone who has a fun side.

The general idea here is to just use your ability to maximize your operational econ and to set up a server that can't be run through without consequence. If you get them running with no clicks, then strongbox is your wincon. if you get people running with not enough money, then ash is your wincon.

False lead can be used to set off all sorts of nasty situations with these ice and to open score windows for GFI. Once a GFI is scored, you generally want to play the never advance game. A single advance on vitruvius and accelerated diagnostics are meta calls. They open the Jackson ABT option the following turn, or in the case of noise give another way to save an agenda or in other cases get back crucial pieces.

If you're seeing Temujin, then you want to ice 2 deep on all centrals. You can pretty easily get to a point where you're profitting. If they click through for credits, it just enables deeper ice as you'll get more econ back.

I don't like more than 2x GFI because you don't want to have to score 2. Scoring one is great, but not necessary. Some decks just auto fold to mason+heinlin.

DNA is a flex slot. It's good over a server with ash. It's also good over the server they're running for temujin money. Chiyashi is a wincon, but it's also too expensive.

Janus could likely be lost for something more consistent. I dropped breaker bay grid as you only want one remote with this deck and you want heinlin in it.