Rob The Robberman

gumonshoe 2973

Highway Robbery getting you down? Tax their clicks, not their credits.

Heinlin pretty much ends the matchup. Think you probably want to tune the deck for a bit more cash and find a way to get down to 49.

Combos: Breaker Bay + Non-Grids Heinlin + False Lead/MasonBellamy - Note false lead + heinlin can force an ice to fire, so if you need to trash things with ichi/fairchild or you just end the run, time this so that it's a crippling blow for a score window Heinlin + ash - can't pay to trace let alone trash ash. Bellamy + strongbox

ID is a good way to fetch back money and/or upgrades. Plus, it can recur friends over and over again. Yeah, you probably want to find space for jackson. Go up to 3 vitruvius, drop a false lead & GFI when you go down to 49. Half of this deck is the never advance aspect where you constantly throw down facedowns and there's no clear indicator of whether it's an agenda or not.

27 Jun 2017 konradh

Why no love for Tapestry ?

27 Jun 2017 gumonshoe

@konradh, It might be fine, but it has no stopping power. You need a little bit more consequence vs temujin and the like. Making a consequence for clicking through ice and forcing a break tends to cause temujin to be a losing proposition for an economy source and that's most runners these days. Eli 2.0 is better than tapestry in this regard especially with the revisions below:

Played a few games, this is better than the first pass:

Agendas (10)

  • 3 Accelerated Beta Test
  • 2 False Lead
  • 2 Global Food Initiative
  • 3 Project Vitruvius

Assetts (3)

  • 3 Jackson Howard

Upgrades (10)

  • 2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
  • 3 Heinlein Grid
  • 3 Mason Bellamy
  • 2 Strongbox

Operations (10)

  • 3 Hedge Fund
  • 2 IPO
  • 2 Predictive Algorithm
  • 3 Sweeps Week

Barriers (6)

  • 1 Chiyashi
  • 3 Eli 1.0
  • 2 Eli 2.0

Code Gates (6)

  • 1 Fairchild
  • 3 Fairchild 3.0
  • 2 Ravana 1.0

Sentry (4)

  • 3 Ichi 1.0
  • 1 Janus 1.0

Notes; There's enough "damage" in the deck that people tend to keep their hands full, which makes sweeps better. If they go low, then they really open themselves up to dying to a heinlin combo or just not having the credits or clicks to deal with janus/chiyashi. Ravana is too good to pass up. 49, is obviously better. Operational econ is just better since you only want one server.

This suite of ice is just better, since heinlein is the heart of this deck (can't be hit by things that hate on uniques, it plus predictive algorithm is enough to create a server lock). And, this suite of ice seriously messes with the conspiracy suite, which does not like not clicking through things.

Vs Siphon, I recommend Mason on HQ+Heinlin. If your inner is fairchild 3.0 they'll be locked out of HQ.

ID ability: You almost always want operational econ back on top, but at somepoint you'll likely recover ice or an upgrade, just it's almost always 100% of the time operational econ.