David Boreanaz - 3rd Melbourne Regionals

frankbsad 784


Been a fan of Adam since he was spoilt and this is probably the best Adam deck I've played so far. It's pretty good, try it out.

Econ: PPVP, gambles, lucky finds, deuces. Nothing too crazy except we're not running temi. That's basically because temi can be shut down while the ppvp engine allows you bounce back from low credits pretty easy.

Breakers: Mammon + Multithreader! This combo is sweet, basically gives you an endless Overmind! And it means you're taking advantage of Adam's best card, Multithreader. Yes, you can use Dr Lovegood to load up Mammon over a couple turns but it's basically never actually useful to do. Overmind is just in there as a backup.

Deep Data Mining: This is your closer. Towards the end of the game having 4 free MU should be easy with Brain chip so use this to wrap it up.

alt text

Why aren't you playing E3 feedback?

It's a crutch. Just pay attention to what to see in hand and from Find the Truth and you should have a pretty good read on what the face down ice is. I never felt like I needed E3

What do you do against Moon decks?


Corp: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/43617/the-sensible-sandwich-3rd-melbourne-regionals

18 Jun 2017 kcm

How often do you use Levy AR Lab Access? I have one in my Prepaid VoicePAD Adam list but find I never really use it, unless one of my directives gets trashed with Best Defense. Also is Interdiction useful for you? With Find the Truth and so much of the draw happening on the corps turn, can't they just prerez everything?

18 Jun 2017 frankbsad

@kcm levy is definitely going to be cut going forward with this deck. Never played it, more of a safety blanket I guess. Interdiction was ok, corps could pre rez but often didn't. Probably don't need two.

19 Jun 2017 branimated

Hey, always glad to see someone play Adam! What do you do about anti-AI ICE like Hortum/Swordsman/Turing?

19 Jun 2017 frankbsad

@cybersage Always be running deals with all that ice, they only have 1 sub that you actually need to break. People don't often run more than 1 or 2 anti AI ice and even if they do they have to double stack it to keep you out. In that case they don't have it protecting other servers so find your win there.

19 Jun 2017 branimated

@frankbsad yeah, ABR is a great way to deal with the anti-AI ice that people run. Neat!

19 Jun 2017 Kaiji

I like the deck idea and seeing it makes me want to give it a go myself (with some changes ;))

Personally, I'd probably ditch Deep Data Mining in favour of The Turning Wheel and some Scrubber since you'd Always Be Running to Neutralize All Threats. Having a backup with e3 Feedback Implants and set of breakers could also help with various situations (Komainu, Hortum, Turing, Swordsman, Wraparound)... Food for thoughts :)

30 Jul 2017 gothi

@frankbsad there doesn't seem to be enough directives in the deck to satisfy Adam's ID text requirement. Am I missing something?

31 Jul 2017 PureFlight

@gothi The directives you start with don't count as part of your deck. So you're still playing with a 45-card deck, not a 42.

31 Jul 2017 gothi

@PureFlight I'd made an assumption that the other 3 directives where included and installed at the beginning but was expecting them to be listed in the description