Timesuck Seidr (Undefeated GNK) [Shipment from ChiLo]

PureFlight 1020

This is basically the deck @rwkolland I built on Episode 1 of Shipment from ChiLo (see changes below). I talk more about the GNK and how it performed in Episode 3!

Changes from the original are:

Game Night Kit Highlights

In the three games I played at the GNK, the ID never fired. The ability is still present; much like Architects of Tomorrow, the ID influences how the runner runs. Or more specifically, how they don't run until they're set up.

The burst economy got me up to 15-30 credits very early, which also discouraged others from running because they were daunted by my credit pool. Turns out, I would have been much poorer had they actually ran and made me rez ice.

In two games I over-advanced a Vitruvius, using counters to get back Biotics for sweet double-biotic plays (Install a GFI click 3, next turn biotic-vitru-biotic for 5 advancements). Another Vitru counter got me back a sweeps week when I was on 1 cred.

Architect saved my butt against Apocalypse Whizz. It made his Keyhole runs cost 3 instead of a naked R&D, which gave me enough time to install some ice (thanks, Friends!).

Thankfully, none of my games went too long - this deck needs Adonis money if you want to rez all the ice. Honestly, you just want to rush out behind beefy bioroids that the runner doesn't want to click through because of Seidr.

Thoughts on Seidr

The best part of the deck is the Bellamy+Strongbox remote. Which can just be put into EtF like the original list. So I'm not convinced it's better in Seidr. The ID does let you rush out behind a two-ice remote very easily though.

Give it a go! What do you think?