Tracing Down Doors - US Nationals ETX 5th/6th

maluslumen 174

This deck was made to win and make life-long enemies. It is fairly efficient at both.

Based on a a simple idea: Make a deck that drains the runner of credits regardless if they feel like running.

Important Cards:

Door to Door - It is critical to get this card out, safely, as soon as possible.

Aryabhata Tech - This combos with nearly every card in the deck. Much of the time it goes out unprotected.

Restructured Datapool - A click to drain the runner, or with Aryabhata Tech its a click to gain credit/credits and drain!


This deck aims to drain the runner as quickly as possible. Ideally there are agendas in hand with one ice and Door to Door turn one. Drop it on R&D and starting draining the runner. Slight change if I suspect the runner has account siphon. It can take a little while to really start draining the runner. Mid to Late game any agenda can be scored behind one maybe two ice. Rutherford Grid was a bad meta call. It did help make Macrophage scarier but I really should have put Cyberdex Virus Suite. Keegan Lane and Bernice Mai were in previous versions of the deck but had to be removed. I wanted to make this deck less vulnerable to Rumor Mill. If Door to Door is played quickly then the deck quickly messes up most combo decks such as Dyper.

This deck is fun, mean and a little different. Also I would like to once again apologize to anyone who had to suffer through this.

7 Jun 2017 bluebird503

Congrats, this is a deck you have put a lot of work in and it shows in your results!

7 Jun 2017 silenus

Oppressive as hell when it works, but in a hilarious way.... you can feel the spite coming from the other side. Thanks for sharing

8 Jun 2017 moistloaf

Is it possible the 2 Rutherford could be 2 Weyland cards? I notice you're paying full influence for the Visits

8 Jun 2017 moistloaf

Both Boom and Stinson are both 3 inf..... *smiles wixkedly** Stinson seems perfect for this deck and when swapped for Rutherfords would make Visits free

9 Jun 2017 maluslumen

A lot of people seemed bothered that I pay the influence for consulting. But I purposely don't have kill cards in here. Stinson could be nice but econ is rarely a problem even against siphon spam. Only change I can think of is cvs over Rutherford.

9 Jun 2017 moistloaf

Yeah I was thinking of Bryan for recurring D2D. I get you though. I've been playing with 2 Boom and it's been getting some wins for me. Thanks for sharing

9 Jun 2017 moistloaf

Nvm realized you can't Bryan for currents

11 Jun 2017 Vikk

You can definitely Bryan for currents. The currents stays in play and when it would be trashed (aka another current is played or an agenda is stolen) then it is removed from the game.

11 Jun 2017 maluslumen

Bryan only does transactions. So only current he can do is paywall.