Butchershot Ice Cream Parlour (24th at Euros)

MrEhjiwurth 1577

Welcome! Welcome!

Everybody loves Ice Cream! And we have all your favourite flavours of death! Brain, Meat, Net ...Huh? Oh apparently my PR department is telling me people don't want death....Oh well!

Head of HB Ice Cream Division Marketing just before grand opening

What some Netrunners said to me during the championship:

"Please don't pair me up against you" - Dave Saiya

"If I'm going to die, I'm going out in style" - Tom Blackburn

"What the hell is going on here?" - Seamus Macleoud

"I don't want to play against your deck" - Dave Hoyland

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So...Anyways yes this is the deck I took to Euros which was a bit crazy how far it carried me. I sprawled out all my cards out on my hotel room hemming and hawing over what to play and what I want to do and at first I was like. "I'll just play SYNC: Everything, Everywhere and tryhard to win. Oh crap I don't have all the cards I need...Oh hey Black Level Clearance what a neat card!"

This deck carried me further than my Runner deck which I had played a lot before but alas the climate wasn't suitable for it as Estelle Moon Decks were bountiful and annoying for my Shaper Mischief. This won 7 out of 10 rounds of Swiss and ALL WERE FLATLINES! I was elated by the result. Perhaps it was the surprise factor? I disagree. Throughout the day I found my footing on how you play a deck like this. This is the poker deck of your dreams. You play as straight faced and as predictable as you would a standard ETF deck would play as you bubble inside giggling as they facecheck your two ICE remote and smack into Edge of World

Our Meet and Greeters as well as Staff are more than happy to introduce you to our menu of death and delights! Here's a breakdown of the flavours of death I gave to Euros players:

Brain Bursting Blackberry and Orange - I'm pretty sure at least 97% of the field were not anticipating the Black Level Clearance which turns out is a pretty amazing card when you understand its potential. First of all it's a great protector of Adonis Campaign and Eve Campaign which the HB Butchershot Ice Cream Division use all the time to promote our lower fat free products especially to students in the Breaker Bay Grid. Not only is it free to do so but multiple stacking Black Levels of rich flavour can be too much for some runners who have complained of Brain Freeze. It's also a great Account Siphon deterrent as well as Indexing. There's a lot of capabilities of this card causing players to get reckless and take the brain or jack out and give you that sweet sweet money. Two of which were not prepared for the Edge of World that somehow got in that server. We'd like to remind patrons that we do not appreciate modifications of Ice cream affiliated servers to be manipulated for such malicious intent. We found one had been created by some Friends in High Places into a remote and check by an unfortunate Whizzard who just couldn't handle the flavour. A Leela attempted to Siphon out our secret recipe flavour. She was met with a Black Level Clearance on HQ and decided to jack out giving us a friendly donation. With only the money from Black Level she facechecks my remote and takes the brain from another Black Level there only to slam into a Edge of World to her death.

Death Count: 2

Net Numbing Golden Delight - For those looking for a bit of a shocking aftertaste and rich flavour we take them to our best employee Corporate Troubleshooter at the NEXT Gold bar. Though he tends to be overzealous in his job he is the best at making runners feel like they've died and gone to heaven...Literally. Another Two Whizzard clones 229A And 22- I've lost count because of how many there were. Anyways they were not prepared to indulge when he ran R&D with little money. And Mr Troubleshooter REALLY hates Dine 'n Dashers so he gave the Master Gamer the full scoop of justice with sprinkles of NEXT Bronze and swirls of NEXT Silver.

Death Count: 2

Meaty Melon and Rich Lime Punch - A few of our most loyal customers tend to bring the most skeptical new runners in for this delicious treat. Guaranteed to make your jaw spin around from how powerful a shot of flavour this deals you'll feel immediate regret and shame for ever thinking of trying to scrutinise such an honest and successful business with a little technique called Punitive Counterstrike. It's especially tasty after a scoopful of Brain Bursting Blackberry and Orange making any patron feel as if they can't function. One in particular had so much he could only hold two of his cards in hand and tried to do our Global Food Initiative challenge only to find himself overcome with Meaty Melon and Rich Lime goodness. Fear not for he will always be remembered with the other two runners who failed this hardcore challenge.

Death Count: 3

There you have it. We hope you've enjoyed your visit to the Butchershot Ice Cream Parlour! Make sure you carry your brains with you on the way out and feedback is always appreciated.

5 Jun 2017 emilyspine

Congratulations Alex on yet another mad deck. It was incredible watching you progress throughout the days with more and more involved flatlines. Amazing work, well done.

7 Jun 2017 Cliquil

This deck...is brilliant. I am actively jealous of you for making a thing this great. Well done, so much kudos I can't express it.

7 Jun 2017 cassafrass

This is absolutely beautiful. Exactly the kind of corp I love to play.

Out of curiosity, what would you think of -2 Edge of World -1 Troubleshooter, +2 Snare! +1 Cerebral Overwriter? I don't necessarily think this would make it better, but it'd suit my own play style a bit more. Although I'm thrilled that you managed to make Edge of World work, as it's been one of my favorite cards since I started playing :D

7 Jun 2017 MrEhjiwurth

@cassafrassThat could definitely work. Snare is nicer because of the versatility. I like Edge of World for it's ability to shut down someone's brain but yes I approve of Snare's as replacement. Cerebral Overwriter also is good I'd like to throw one in mine. This deck is purely customisable to your flavor of kill.

8 Jun 2017 gegenzeit

What do you think about Marilyn over Eve Campaign? The Breakerbays have great targets in Black Level Clearance, so having sth. you can either rezz easily without help or that clears the Breakers faster might be good? Also, they come back and can be used to make rich runners run through the scoring remote that much more often. What's not to love?

8 Jun 2017 MrEhjiwurth

@gegenzeitOooh now that's a good idea. We can also promote to our senior demographic as well. I'll give it a few spins and see how it pans out.

11 Jun 2017 gegenzeit

@MrEhjiwurth Hi I experimented a bit with this and had a blast, but: I feel, if I play people that don't go nuts every time u install something in a remote, it gets very very tricky. When the runner just stayed calm and focused on whatever his/her plan is for the centrals, I usually lost (badly). I haven't managed to use Next Gold + Trouble Shooter yet.

People beat me like this:

1) Focus more on the centrals and multi access (esp. r&d). If one or two agendas are scored, the world doesn't end.

2) Don't take the brain damage from Black Level.

Most games I won, I won with Punitive (fun fun!), but those are opportunistic wins in between. Any idea what I might be doing wrong :)?

12 Jun 2017 arkonnen7

It was so fun and scary playing against this deck! Thank you for building it

12 Jun 2017 MrEhjiwurth

@gegenzeitHmmmm...a tricky situation. I found if they focused on centrals I would stack Black Level on them accordingly. For example against a criminal I will always put a Black Level or two on HQ because screw Account Siphon. If they Medium dig as well then you do the same. The idea is if they jack out then you rush a remote as they tax themselves away dealing with the centrals. Also bluffing and creating pointless runs will greatly help you. It takes time, skill and a lot of luck but you'll be scooping justice as you see fit. Maybe try switching stuff up to suit your style. Throw a Cerebral Overwrite in or something else that works for you. Hope you enjoy it.

13 Jun 2017 artsel