CritHitd20 2088

Sting your opponents into submission with this deck containing several different BEE CARDS. Watch them run centrals only to BEE disappointed with your 6 BEE TRAPS. Thrill as Hive will always BEE a relevant tax as you score out. Honey is a Global Food that BEES make.

1 Jun 2017 PaulLlama

What about Swarm?

1 Jun 2017 CritHitd20

Sadly FFG knew how broken bee cards are, so they made Harmony only 12 inf and Swarm 4 inf. I'll keep that in mind though; it might be time to bring the bees to Weyland.

2 Jun 2017 hi_impact

Scrolled down and saw the Honeyfarm. Couldn't control th laughter.

2 Jun 2017 TrungusWungus

"ya like jazz?"

2 Jun 2017 stoppableforce

Some of the stretches you made to include cards in here are un-bee-lievable.

2 Jun 2017 CritHitd20

You may say that, but I guarantee your opponents will be cursing their bad bee-ats. Bee-lieve it or not I played an iteration of this deck at a Regionals last year as a joke, where it actually did decently, though this was back when Hive was the only bee card available to me. I get to make a lot more bee references now, which I think is well worth diluting the card quality.

2 Jun 2017 holosmoss

Honey ambushes ?! In an Hospital! OMG there's BEES everywhere!

2 Jun 2017 holosmoss

To get a Swarm going you can always replace the Fancy Food Initiative for the Cheap Insectoïde Proteins, replace a Jackson by it (or get the grey Jackson).

2 Jun 2017 holosmoss

I think ill try this in my Plan B Harmony deck :O

2 Jun 2017 manveruppd

Counting Chrysalis that's 9 bee cards - don't bees have cocoons as larvae?

2 Jun 2017 CritHitd20

Chrysalis ain't in there because it's gonna win you games. :)

4 Jun 2017 Everfree616

Missed opportunity to include Plan B but I like your style. XD

11 Jul 2017 Hongkong Koma

Bees like flowers, so how about a third Lotus Field and Bloom?