Seidr FA (5th Place Den Haag Regionals)

5N00P1 626

The Deck

This Deck is based on @beyoken Seidr Fast Advance Deck and as I was not having any idea what to play at Regionals I took this one.
Shouldn't have adopted it, as I was missing the Cyberdex very much. Players will mostly at all costs try to prevent your ID from firing and this is nice. It means they will break almost all Bioroids the hard way they would usually click through, this makes your Bioroids very very taxing!
Based on the ID Eli becomes kind of a hard EtR ICE on R&D because when they click it you can put a card from Archives on top on R&D.
The worst situation is at the start when no card is in Archives as your first turn was ICE, ICE & Credit. So sometimes it took me 3 turns to have something in Archives to activate my ability.
Usually you only have 1 Remote for Jackson or Adonis or Marilyn. It was nice to have some more Assets compared to the original list, as it made the never advance game possible when you are on match point and no BioticBiotic in hand. So I was happy about the 2x Marilyn Campaigne and they also give you an opportunity to refresh your R&D after Events like Maker's Eye but be careful with loaded Medium.
The idea is simple Biotic or SanSan your 3/2 Agendas for the Win. Won all games but the one against Kate with Clot and Clone Chip.

The Tournament

This deck won me 4 of 5 games in Swiss and carried me to 5th place on the Regionals. (Opponents: Smoke, Omar, Leela, Kate & Andy) and as one player dropped I was able to play the cut, again against Kate and lost.
Nearly every opponent dropped his conspiracy breakers turn 1 or 2 and I think an Ark Lockdown would have worked wonders.... (if in hand).
For a deck without practice it worked out really well.

What to change

  • Go back to 3x Tapestry, this ICE is so good! It's hard to break and makes single access R&D runs very taxing
  • Include 2 CVS, without the Shaper matchup becomes a really hard one
  • Remove Ravana, it's to situational and won't work with to many of your ICE