Clockwork Purple - Timecoats

skyrunner36 95


Make it. Install stuff. Watch the runner eye your remote, then spend two clicks to run it. Once they do, rez your Tollbooth, Mason, and their credit sink. They cry a bit. Watch as they spend four turns to pony up the cash to struggle over your centrals, and revel in the fact that you just padded R&D with Hedge Funds because they clicked through your anime protagonist.

4 May 2017 dormio

Thank you for helping me realize Mason + Heinlein might be a thing.

4 May 2017 PurinaBisonChow

I sure hope you always get and fire your Melange Mining Corp. early because, without it, I'm not sure how you afford the ICE suite. Over 75% of your ICE costs 4 or more. Your combo costs 5 to rez and needs at least one ICE rezzed in front of it.

I would recommend easing up on the expensive ICE a little, pull down the cost curve (maybe with some NEXT ICE or even Quandary/Vanilla as a gear check and dirt-cheap enabler of the Ballamy/Heinlein combo), and ditch the Eli 2.0. I know the art on Eli 2.0 is great but, once you see Paperclip hit the table, you will hate every moment you see him.

And, don't forget, a runner running on last click does not fear Mason Bellamy (especially when you have no traps).

4 May 2017 skyrunner36

@PurinaBisonChow Normally I can, but even if I don't, the ten other non-agenda economy cards can keep me tied over until I score my next agenda, which would hopefully be CST or ABT. I'm thinking about how to make it a bad idea to run last click against this deck. Maybe drop Tollbooth and a Sweeps week for a Caprice and a vanilla?

4 May 2017 Stonar

I think I played against you last night - I won, but man, it was rough. I agree with Purina - knock out some of the crazy expensive ice. You need Heinlein, Bellamy, and ANY TWO ice that say end the run. No need to spend 8 credits or risk an ABT fire - get Quandaries or NEXT Ice or Vanillas on there, and forget about it forever while the runner cries and cries.

4 May 2017 PurinaBisonChow

If you feel you can draw that single Caprice Nisei when you need it, it certainly would keep the runner from never having an issue running your scoring server on last click.

5 May 2017 Fridan

Simple answer to the last click run issue: Strongbox. I've been pairing it with Mason Bellamy to good effect.

5 May 2017 Treiclon

Seidr/Heinlein Grid and NO Enigmas? #why