Clearance Sale! All Ice Must Floe!

Murphy 1388

Here is what you do.

  1. Put a bit of ice on centrals.
  2. Play A LOT of Clearances.
  3. Wait until you have 2 Biotic Labor, 1 Successful Field Test, about 10 Ice, and 20-30 credits.
  4. Double Biotic to score the Field Test and install 5 or 6 Ice on a remote and Valley Grid + Black Level Clearance into that remote.
  5. Score agendas in your now impenetrable remote.

Please send royalty checks care of Dr. Brian Cronin via Western Union. Thank you.

3 May 2017 dodgepong

This looks more fun than it has any right being.

3 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Been doing this since SFT was spoiled (through proxies) and damn, does it feel great when you score SFT (which happens almost every time).

Here's the latest iteration of my version:

Akitaro can be swapped for something else, but I wouldn't remove Surat, as it has a few good uses. I also don't rely on Biotic to score the SFT. :P Don't underestimate my build; its win rate is as high as I could hope.

4 May 2017 Murphy

@dodgepong We got 2 games in during the stream. The first we got siphoned out and the second our opponent rage quits after we played the Biotics assuming the standard combo. I'll probably keep messing with it for fun.

@Lynx Kuroneko Ah, interesting. Your list is quite different. I'm not surprised that other people are exploring CI + Field Test as that is the obvious combo. In hindsight, I think Hedge and Restructure would have been better than Green Level. Thanks for sharing!

4 May 2017 Csibs

@billythemoutain check this out.

4 May 2017 Sanjay

One Black Level Clearance away from maximum clearance!

It's not often you find a deck only one card off from perfection.

4 May 2017 vor_lord

I had a similar idea with Mason Bellamy and Strongbox, but Valley Grid is much stronger.

4 May 2017 Murphy

@Sanjay Doh! This is very true.

@vor_lord Some people are having fun with Mason Bellamy and Heinlein Grid.

4 May 2017 vor_lord

@Murphy Unfortunately that combo doesn't punish you for running last click, so I don't see how it is effective without something else involved.

4 May 2017 Murphy

@vor_lord Lots of options. Enhanced Login Protocol and Strongbox come to mind. I haven't tried it myself though.

6 May 2017 aero

+1 cvs please. What a beast.

7 May 2017 TKO

@Murphy Enhanced login doesn't do anything with heinlein grid. you spend a click as an addition cost to start a run. you aren't running yet until after the cost is paid, therefore not during a run.

7 Jun 2017 SneakdoorMelb

Gave this a shot because it looks super fun. Turns out it is, as long as you draw your cards in the right order and your opponent doesn't do anything silly like Siphon or Vamp or play a good deck. The biggest problem was that you have to actually rez all that ice once you install it!

7 Jun 2017 Murphy

@SneakdoorMelb Good feedback! It would probably be smart to just replace the silly Valley Grid idea with more money.

7 Jun 2017 SneakdoorMelb

@Murphy No way! That combo is way too hilarious to give up on.