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skydivingninja 411

This is my plan for Ayla when I run through the Terminal Directive campaign. It's also fun and surprisingly effective in regular tournament-legal play. Basically, it utilizes Ayla's ability to get your rig set up as quickly as possible. Savant is surprisingly effective as a breaker. It's effectively 6 to install for 5 strength on Dhegdeer, which isn't too bad especially if you mod it out.

Your ideal rig consists of Savant and Magnum Opus hosted on Dhegdeers, Corroder, Ice Carver, and maybe a Datasucker if you notice a lot of high-strength barriers. Mammon is there to fill in any gaps in case you can't find a Corroder or Savant early enough, and Dean Lister helps out pretty much any breaker for those glory runs.

Even with NVRAM you still need to do a bit of digging for key pieces of the rig. Levy Advanced Research Lab is a bit costly to play, but it's really great at filtering through your deck. Ubax is also a solid console, turning you into a 5-click runner with extra memory for Savant/Deep Data Mining shenanigans. By the way, seeing 5 cards off R&D is crazy good.

Playing this deck against decks with access to the full cardpool over the weekend, it surprised me how quickly I could get set up between my draw cards and NVRAM, and how you can keep pressure on R&D and remote servers without much trouble.

1 May 2017 Sanjay

How has Careful Planning been for you? I didn't put it in my own Bios deck so I didn't really get a chance to try it. Your thoughts on the card?

1 May 2017 skydivingninja

I like it! It's like an in-faction inside job. Just get it off NVRAM as soon as possible so you can actually use it on the first click.

1 May 2017 NerdimusPrime

I like the look of this deck much better than the one I used in the TD event yesterday, and you made some choices I'd already planned to incorporate as a result.

Did Armitage Codebusting work at all for you? It seems like once you have Magnum Opus up, Armitage becomes a dead card, useful only as a backup if the corp drops a Hunter Seeker on Mopus. I had Bank Job instead, but rarely had a remote available I could run it on that made economical sense.

Also, despite the expense, I'm loving LLDS Memory Diamond over Akamatsu. The extra link is nice enough, but the hand size increase can combo really well with Dean Lister.

1 May 2017 Heinrich

Which cards are the Delgado stand-ins?

1 May 2017 skydivingninja

@HeinrichI'm assuming that's a story card? I haven't played the campaign event because only God knows whats going on with the launch events. Hopefully I'll be able to play it with a friend this weekend.

@NerdimusPrimeArmitage is there because SMC isn't a thing, so it's a poor man's early Mopus/late-game Mopus if yours gets killed. If Mopus is fine, then it's hit points. If I had the whole cardpool, they would be a third Mopus and Modded.

I considered LLDS, but the install cost was a bit hight for my liking, and in most cases, you're not going to see most ice higher than strength 6, Dean's there mostly to either save a bunch of money on Mammon/Corroder or push Savant over the edge if there's an emergency, so you don't really need the 6-card+ hand size.

1 May 2017 NerdimusPrime

Good points to consider, thanks!

2 May 2017 Heinrich

@skydivingninja The problem with building your deck ahead of time is that page 1 of the rulebook says that you need to take out three cards from your deck to make room.