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Amuk 40

NO SPOILERS start of campaign deck for Terminal Directive which I humbly suggest meets the (very low) bar of being significantly better than the suggested deck someone who doesn't know how many copies of each card are actually in the Core set printed on the back of FFG's rulebook when they weren't looking.

Mulligan for Magnum Opus if it doesn't get on NVRAM; the deck is expensive. Modded and Ubax on NVRAM is marvelous. It's best to get MO and Adept on Dhegdheer but it's not the end of the world if that doesn't work out--the deck has plenty of memory.

Forged Activation Orders works marvelously with Egret. Gordian Blade is only needed if the Corp drops a Code Gate that Yog.0 with 1 or 2 The Personal Touches on it cannot handle. But it could happen, so it needs to be in here (perfect candidate to leave on NVRAM for that reason). Likewise, Dean Lister is a bailout card; he shouldn't even be needed most games, but having one on NVRAM to grab when he'll surprise the Corp most is pretty awesome.

Charlatan is a backup plan for early aggression but could easily be dropped for a couple of Decoys if the Corp goes heavy into tagging. There's influence available for Corroder if you want it; it's obviously better than Adept against Ice Wall, but no better (and usually worse) against pretty much everything else in the TD meta and uses an MU and a little tempo so I opted not to run it.

The deck plays sort of like Congress. It doesn't care if the Corp gets to 4 or 5 points so long as it gets its rig up. Once it has MO, Adept (both preferably on Dhegdheer), and a Yog with at least 1 PT online, it can get into most servers a TD Corp can build pretty much every turn. Holding Egret to drop when you know the Corp is trying to score is best. If you can get even a couple deep R&D lock, the game is effectively over (again, Decoy should be added if your Corp opponent is going for tag-Scorch).

To publish, the deck has to be legal size & is thus 3 cards over with the 3 you have to add from the campaign. Drop some combination of 1 or 2 The Maker's Eye and/or 1 Deep Data Mining if you want to get close to or at the minimum.