Mason Bellamy goes to Heinlein

whirrun 126

My first draft of a deck to exploit the new power combo in the game (Heinlein + Mason).

Clearances and psychkinesis to set up fast, and then score out of the ultimate remote. Very much a first sketch as it may be that you also want fast track and perhaps Ash as well to stop the glory run. I've put it in Seidr because it's cool (also minor synergy and getting the most out of Tapestry).

28 Apr 2017 HoneyBadger

So now we have to run last click against HB?? What a time to be alive!!

28 Apr 2017 whirrun

@HoneyBadger That is an interesting counter that I had not considered. Hmm! False lead on click 2 or try to suprise them on a central I guess. There's always Strongbox though!

28 Apr 2017 CactusJack

@whirrunI've seen false lead used to deny a runner a turn and then "fast advance" a 3/2 or 4/2 agenda that had been installed the previous turn. Good times. Plus, you could sacrifice False Lead during a run, even click on 1, to force the runner to lose all s while Heinlein is rezzed (assuming the run is on the Heinlein server). Do that while they're running on Ichi and you may have created a significant scoring window.


28 Apr 2017 whirrun

If anyone was wondering, I wasn't being sarcastic in my earlier post. As for testing so far: I think ETF would be better, and the deck runs into money problems vs these new Fisk-Polyhistor decks as you can't play any of your economy if you don't want to mill out. No-one goes near the remote though!

29 Apr 2017 Shiiuga

Have you considered dropping the BLC for Ryon Knight? He pulls double duty because if they run clicks 1-3, lose all their clicks and all their credits they could then also take a brain damage, and if they run last click to avoid Heinlein he still fires. Plus you can keep Friendsing him back!

30 Apr 2017 hlynurd

Manta Grid seems strong here!

1 May 2017 PurinaBisonChow

@hlynurd Manta Grid kind of plays opposite to what this deck is looking to do. You don't want the runner to have a successful run. Also, you wouldn't be able to have Heinlein Grid and Manta Grid in the same server.

4 May 2017 P4ndaH3ro

I will explore that type of list as well I think. Combining Strongbox, Heinlein, Mason and maybe Prisec (so at least, if they do access, theres a consequence to running last click.

4 May 2017 P4ndaH3ro

Also worth to note, Victoria Jenkins, Ruhr Valley, Enhance Login Protocol and Load Testing makes a server impossible to run lol. (unless they do a run event I guess)

29 May 2017 PowerlessCube

I really liked tapestry in this deck, I think it's got great synergy with sexier labs.