Yakuza Recursal

OdaNobunigga 1

A rehashment of @greyfield's American Psi, this deck aims to kill the runner using the Yamamori + Crick/Architect + Marcus Batty interaction.

The latest few packs delivered some powerful new cards, including Mind Game (generally cited as the strongest Psi Ice so far) and Friends in High Places, which replaces the clunky Interns from the previous iteration.

As Rumor Mill hoses the deck hard, I found additional Currents to be a good counter. Mother Godess gives Upayoga a hard ETR sub, general Code Gate prevalence makes Encrypted portals an interesting include.

I found that sometimes you score, and sometimes you kill. Ongoing fragility to Currents might make Clone Retirement a better include, but the credit influx and long-term taxation (plus the fact that the runner might mistake it for an upgrade) make Encrypted Portals a solid include.