Wolverine Wannabe

SillySod 62

Man. Animal. Legend!

The tale of Wolverine is alive and well in the android universe (Darth Vader has long since been forgotten). NBNs hottest nerd-genre property has infiltrated the psyche of many children and Whizzard is no exception.

To a man like him there has always been something striking about the tale of a figure emerging from the subway to free cyborgs from rogue NAPD officers.

Then one day....


Whizzard died and Wolverine was born.

alt text

This deck is about as anarch as it comes and a ton of fun to play. It isn't top notch competitive but it is good and if you love anarchs you owe it to yourself to try the deck or some variation of it.

The draw is extremely fast and it puts a lot of pressure on the corporation right from the start. As the game progresses you get to maintain the pressure via DDOS, stimhack and your amigos in the martian highlands. Clan Vengeance is the glue that holds everything together as it provides a legwork/clot hybrid which turns out to be exactly what you need. Early tempo tends to create mid-game agenda flooding and a surprising number of corp strategies fall apart completely when you can bin cards from their hand mid-combo.

Everything about the deck is just.... surprising. Cards like Shock! and Snek! can be very acceptable facechecks depending on the circumstances and it is fun to explore how that changes your running strategy.

Go on! Become the ultimate nerd.

7 Apr 2017 pr1metim3

Ha ah nice write Up ... enjoyed palying against that deck!

8 Apr 2017 pr1metim3

ever thought about putting a Hunting Ground in their...fits the theme and might do some work against NBN...

10 Apr 2017 SillySod

Cheers. Hunting Grounds isn't a bad idea but it probably doesn't do much work outside of the NBN matchup. Compare it to Parasite or cutlery and you will probably find that the ICE destruction gives you similar efficiency to hunting grounds vs NBN (which likes to run ICE light) while also being strong against the other corps.

Cyber Threat might be worth experimenting with. Potentially you can pre-install a DDOS then penetrate a 2-deep server which is nothing to sneeze at.

10 Apr 2017 SillySod

Actually, scratch what I said about cyber threat... it targets the server not the ICE so doesn't work the way I suggested.