The Zen of Smashing

rubyvr00m 822

Adapted from @SimonMoon 's Frantic Whizzard shell and inspired by the Reddit COTD thread for Severnius Stim Implant, I present The Zen of SMASHING.

SMASH through your deck as quickly as possible with Frantic Coding to set up Magnum Opus and get your breakers in the trash.

Finish setting up. Get Emptied Mind, Duggars, and Stim Implant installed and prepare to SMASH.

SMASH yourself with Stimplant or Noble Path to trash your grip and set up a 5 click turn.

Get SMASHED at Duggar's then SMASH into R&D or HQ and access up to 6 cards with Stimplant.

Use Maw to cause havoc and otherwise SMASH.

Use Cutlery to SMASH the ice in the way.

Empty your mind. Live to SMASH.

2 Apr 2017 severininfurs

I like the idea of the deck and your write-up, but I'm wondering what turns on the combo. I don't see anything that increases your handsize or gives you extra clicks, and Duggar's takes 4 clicks to draw 10, so you would have to discard down to 5 without being able to use Severnius Stim Implant.

2 Apr 2017 severininfurs

Whoops! I had misread Emptied Mind, I understand the combo now. Awesome deck idea!

2 Apr 2017 rubyvr00m

@severininfurs Yeah with Emptied Mind you can do some crazy things in here. Draw up to get a big dig with Severnius, trash your whole hand and then have 5 clicks again the following turn to either repeat the Duggar's combo or just hit Opus 4-5 times. It has a nice ebb and flow to it and it's really fun to play!

2 Apr 2017 Oooer

Lemme smash

4 Apr 2017 Pantacruel

@rubyvr00m Love the concept. Took it for a spin. First few times are aggravating. But once I got the rhythm of the combo, this deck is so much fun. I do struggle to get the money tempo right, often spending one turn out of two clicking Magnum Opus. Any tips on managing the money to keep the pressure constant?

4 Apr 2017 rubyvr00m

@Pantacruel I found that it was pretty typical to alternate turns of taking 10 credits (or 8 and running an open remote to trigger Maw) and then a turn of Duggars + Stimplant to trash your whole hand.

Also finding a Peace in Our Time can be really useful if you're falling behind. If you find one on your Duggars combo turn, you may consider hanging onto it and another card you can play the following turn. You only access 4 additional cards this way, and you lose the bonus click the following turn, but thats worth it for a 9 credit click sometimes, just to pull you back in the game.

5 Apr 2017 rubyvr00m

Just as a quick update, I've been experimenting with cutting the Ice Carvers for the 3rd copies of Emptied Mind and Duggar's. I found that in testing, I was never really thrilled to Deja for the Ice Carver for 5 credits, so it often sat in the bin. The added consistency for the combo pieces seems to be worth it though.

If the meta went towards glacier, I'd definitely revisit the Ice Carver, but currently I think a faster setup > stronger late game.