Guessright Biotech (5-0 Strasbourg Philibert Store)

Ladriel 91

This deck is a slight variation of "1st Place SC Hasselt: Guessright (3-1)" that carried me to 5th place through the Philibert store at Strasbourg.

The deck went undefeated during the day with 3 kills and 2 score-out.

I switched Fetal AI with Show of force for an eventual more active kill strategy. I also dropped a Junebug (you don't want ambushes to clog up your hand) for a Voter Intimidation due to Aaron popularity. I also switched a PrioReq for an Utopia Fragment but it never came on the table during the day !

Also Clones Are Not People is crucial, threatening 4 points on each munshin+advance is way more powerful than Enforced Curfew !

I'm mainly posting the decklist for archive purpose. Thanks again to the Philibert team and all player i met during the day for this awesome event !

15 Mar 2017 heppu

Looks like a really interesting deck! It probably gets even better when Obokata Protocol comes out.

A few questions:

  • I'm guessing you're always picking the net damage Biotech variation, correct?
  • Is there a specific use for Subliminal in the deck or is it just an econ card?
  • Why Medical Research Fundraiser and not Celebrity Gift? Do you often have cards in hand that you don't want to show?
16 Mar 2017 Ladriel

Obokata will be really nice in R&D, especially in BioTech. It won't matter really much when it gets munshined though because of the existence of Junebug.

The net damage identity is the obvious choice indeed.

Subliminal is just a little drip econ. I would not include more copies of it but it goes a long way especially to mess with shy runners !

I used to run Celebrity in Jinteki a lot but whenever a run a munshin centric deck i really don't want to show my hand as they will be able to make more assumptions concerning your ambushes !

I also thought about including a Sealed Vault instead of the Pop-Up because Siphon and Vamp are your nemesis!

16 Mar 2017 heppu

My reasoning about Obokata was, that even if they guess correctly and run while its Mushined, they still take 4 net damage and might be in flatline range or cannot afford to check your other remotes.

Sealed Vault would be a cool addition, since it can just sit on the board along with other traps and they won't even suspect it, like they would a Crisium on HQ.

2 Apr 2017 OdaNobunigga

My friend, I'm having an absolute blast playing your deck!

Made some changes to the overall decklist, mostly agenda wise, and dropped the Fragments in favour of 3 copies of Labyrinthine Servers which, alongside with the triple Mind Game, can force people into unrun of the few things I felt was missing in the first iteration, a way to use traps that weren't checked.

16 Apr 2017 ElectricSheep

I really loved playing this deck but how would you go about updating it for MWL 1.2?