Jem and the Astronauts

frankbsad 784

This deck has given me some of the fun, tense, and exciting games of netrunner I've ever played. Jemison is a blast to play.


Don't fear the Takeover, embrace it. It's basically a netrunner achievement to actually score it and this deck is capable of it. Sure it'll lose you a game every now and then but it'll be worth it.

In case you don't know, with 2 false leads scored you can 'FA' a Gov Takerover. IAA takeover

pass turn

before they take any actions sack both false leads putting 4 adv tokens on takeover

AAA on you next turn

Profit for days

Use trick of light to get the false leads scored quick. It can also be used to free up an action during Gov FA to either fast track the take over or to play Clones for the 7th point.

With 12 agenda points being tied up in 3 cards this deck weirdly feels like it has a really low density even though it has 10 agendas in it. All the small agendas get scored out quick and then get traded up to bigger ones so it never feels like you're getting flooded. I've had a lot of runners dig deep (6-9 cards) and whiff.

Junebug is the most fun card here, I think every Jemison deck should be running at least 1 and even with just 1 point scored it makes the runner fear checking face down remotes. I usually use it to protect a face down Oberth as it can sometime be hard to protect a Oberth for a turn. Just slap down the junes on you unrezzed Oberth and now if they try to check it you can rez the Oberth after successful run but before access it instantly drop X advancement counters on it and making them rue their poor foresight.

The rest of the cards are just money and ice and normal stuff, space camp because it's cute. Plenty of room to tweak and make it your own.

12 Mar 2017 byjarke

This looks super fun!

25 Mar 2017 romakarol

played 2 games with this. Game 1: Leela steals government takeover turn 1, dies to cortex lock turn 2. Game 2: Chaos theory dies to a 10 net-damage junebug that started the turn as a 2 net damage junebug.

And on that note I'm never touching jemison jank again XD. One comment: when you talk about government takeover in your writeup, maybe specify it's government takeover. I misunderstood as 'scoring a hostile takeover is an achievement' on the first readthrough.

12 Jun 2017 Rhaplanca1001

This is one of the most fun Netrunner decks I've ever played. Thank you for posting this.

3 Jul 2017 erasurehead

When you talk about FA Govt TO by forfeiting two false leads, how are you triggering the forfeit? As I understand it, the Jemison ability can't trigger by itself, it only triggers when using another card to forfeit the agenda....even if you're rezzing Oberth, it's unique, so how do you forfeit two False Leads?

3 Jul 2017 Rhaplanca1001

False Lead's own built-in ability once you have it in your score area allows you to forfeit it.