Commercialising R&D v0.1

paulxthompson 234

A new starter deck here, trying to figure out how to make commercialisation work with the identity ice advancing power, Simone Diago and Shipment from Kaguya. Seemed to play ok to our newbie eyes, but probably needs some supporting ice from other factions? Any advice welcome :-)

13 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

max out on scorched, and put in at least 2 PGO, especially if you're running DRT with the scorch combo

Salvage :(

13 Apr 2014 guinea_pig

Matrix analyzer could help - saves the click for advancing and possibly gives a tag

With all the extra influence, trick of light might be worth a try as well.

13 Apr 2014 Baotus

Shadow and Ice Wall are the perennial favorites — 3x of those would be a good choice. Swarm isn't the best card but it's almost certainly better than Tyrant and Salvage. Quandary is good instead of Salvage and improves muchly if Burke Bugs or Swarm ever go off.

Matrix Analyzer 3x or 2x is something I'd definitely try out in a Commercialization deck.

13 Apr 2014 Baotus

Here's a quick (and a bit ruthless) suggested rev for your deck. A more focused concept without DRT or Simone — the former changes to make the damage win condition pure Scorch, and the latter is because I recommend clicking exactly once a turn to advance in a BWBI Commercialization deck. Get dem big Ice Walls!

2x Amazon in the rev because I don't totally want to break your heart. I don't recommend flipping them except on a turn when you're going to install two ice in that server to make back the investment right off. That is to say, I'd suggest installing them one turn and leaving them out at least overnight before you rez.

13 Apr 2014 paulxthompson

Thanks for the comments all - as I said, i'm new to this, so am in the very early stages of figuring out what's what and why - so ruthless is fine by me :-) I'm off to investigate all of the cards you mention.

13 Apr 2014 paulxthompson

Also: you guys really hate salvage yeah? :-D

13 Apr 2014 paulxthompson

Matrix Analyser - yes!

13 Apr 2014 Baotus

Glad to help! Enjoy.

All the Genesis cycle advanceables got panned by folks — the bit about how you can't advance them unless they're already rezzed means that there is zero surprise value (taxing only), i.e. that the subroutines will almost never happen unless the runner is prepared. I don't have any playtesting experience with Tyrant, but rezzing a 7-strength ICE that doesn't do anything right then is just not cool. (Except maybe in response to an Account Siphon. XD)

Salvage, specifically, dies instantly to staple card Yog.0 (and Parasite), and multiple traces for tagging have hugely diminishing returns for the corp — many runners (among them some of the most competitive Criminal decks) don't care about tags and will run right through, and in some other cases the runner would happily stand by while you spend your hard-earned cash to tag them. (Vamp is a card that runners put in their deck for that. :D) Meanwhile, Shadow has a similar effect (and is a staple in many tag-'n'-bag decks) and Ice Wall is a staple card in tons of archetypes and fabulous in BWBI.

13 Apr 2014 Baotus


13 Apr 2014 paulxthompson

Thanks - I'm tempted to add sansan city and trick of light to a modified version of this: it occurs to me that having too many regions is a waste of time, as both times i've played i've had only one or two remote servers anyway with this setup.

Trick of light looks like it could be properly useful if we have a very advanced ice and want to turn it quickly into an advanced agenda?

13 Apr 2014 paulxthompson

(ah guinea_pig suggested that already)

13 Apr 2014 Baotus

Agh! Regions! Right! Yeah, ToL is a better idea and much more in theme.