I still Just wanna run.

gammanet 80

topped a 4 person store champ, went 2-1.

RP prisonhybrid something welp, no slums in first like 3 cards, and they opened double sundew, this is gonna be rough. I should try to slot employee strike, but even then its oppressive and we have a horrible time with netdamage. eventually im so far behind, and accepted its prolly a loss, so I start running like a criminal, I facecheck a chibashi with 2 cards in hand(and here i was worried about snare!) and its over because i dont have enough to break with corroder. could have maybe gotten the win if i just continued to build my board and start slumming away the bioethics once slums turns up, hoping to outpace my small deck and excessive draw, but I died, onto the next round!

HBMOONTRUCKS I play this guy all the time, its kinda coinflippy, depends how i open, and CT opens very docile for about 5 turns, he gets an agenda or 2, then I stimhack all 3 interfaces out and start hammering rnd letting almost nothing through. I drew really well this game. beth pulls her weight. next round.

HB architects of tomorrow. this match was really fun, because he made everything taxing enough i couldnt check it every turn, and ELP made my life a bit harder, but not much due to the extensive run events, and hb ice basically all cost 4 to break, 6 for bigger guys, more for heimdall(it came up) overall, you cant keep this deck out. he made a good remote play trying to force the plop I had dropped pretty early with his double ash, but I wanted him broke and hung on to plop for later(did I even use it?). got slums down early and exiled an ash and some jacks. Its so mean. he couldnt find any agendas in the windows that came up, but I think we were both on 6 when i went for what could have been my last deep dig on rnd i won. had to take a turn off with him having 2 unseen cards and a biotic IIRC, luckily he didnt get an agenda there.

continued thanks to SeIverin for placing at worlds with this base of this deck and giving me all these fun filled years with this deck. slotting plop because i had a floating influence and its just really good. double breakers because rigshooters are a bit more common, dont install femme unless you facecheck something nasty and shrike is in your hand, or theres something juicy to jump. often she just ticks down on workshop till needed, lots of fun to test run for inside job.