Jaz's Nightmre - A new brand of Glacier

Erik_Twice 2016

This is a deck I've been playing very successfully online and that proves a new adage: Bryan goes with everything.

It's true. Bryan is a one-card, versatile economic engine that only requires a bunch of mostly-neutral transactions and Reversed Accounts. If you can fit them both, you have the basis for any deck. Cerebral Imaging, despite its combo reputation is the perfect fit for both and enables a new kind of Glacier.

The deck seems a bit strange at first but it's a composite of the usual lock and glacier tactics on a different shell: - Big money to deploy large amounts of ICE (Operations. Bryan) - Ambushes and Sandburg to lock the rival and force runs - Big agendas to save on deck slots - Museum plus tutors/recursion (Archived Memories, Friends in High Places)

Putting these tactics into a CI/Bryan shell has a ton of benefits, mainly three: - Operation economy accelerates the deck, gives draw and saves influence. - Bryan gives more cash than any asset would. Most games I have at least 60 credits ocasionally over 100. - You can hold all your "minicombo" pieces, agendas and recursion in hand. This means you can play Reversed over and over until they are hit by it or leave open a scoring window.

It's a fun, surprisingly powerful deck and I think with some tweaks it can be very competitive. It's not bothered by Sifr/Parasite thanks to Targeted Marketing and generous recursion, while Sandburg and ambush recursion wrecks Anarch and Shapers. There's a lot of power in this deck and it can quickly spiral out of control.

Still, it requires some work. It has a weakness to Salsette Slums, Sifr/Yog and Tapworm Shaper, only the latter of which is addressed (Jeeves). It would also benefit from a better influence spread. It could benefit from additional economy or going to 8 agendas to fit to X/2s, a Mandatory, Vitruvius or Corporate Sales Team could be very handy.

Jaz is the current Spanish champion and well-known hater of extremely slow, grindy decks. I, being the source of most of the slow, grindy decks he faces, decided to name it in his honour.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope you enjoy this deck and annoy your friends with it :)

PD: I run 3x Voting Machine Initiative because when you don't care about money, all other agendas are worse. That's kind of sad, isn't it?

24 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

I think I got beat by this last night.

24 Feb 2017 CaptainMark


24 Feb 2017 aakroma

Like y coment

24 Feb 2017 DarthIA

How do you usually win? Or when? ;-)

Now, seriously... I feel that for calling it a glacier deck it has very low amount of ICE in it... Especially when it's a 54 cards deck. How do you find these numbers?

Nice twist to CI anyway. Bryan Stinson can be abused pretty much in here :-)

24 Feb 2017 Erik_Twice


It could have been me using a smurf account, but I played so much I don't remember who I played!


You rez Sandburg, take away their money and chain Voting Maching Initiative to make the pain go faster. In practise, people concede before you actually follow through the last step.

I would like to have 16 ICE, but the number is misleading because you draw significantly more cards than the average Corp deck. It feels more like 17 ICE than 15, the main limitation being how many remotes you can create (Sandburg, Museum and Jeeves all compete for space, something I should try to fix)

And really, Stinson goes with everything. :)

25 Feb 2017 GeneralCake

I'd change atleast -1 Aggressive secretary +1 Hellion Beta Test against slums :)

25 Feb 2017 GeneralCake

oh wait nevermind slums RFG's it instead of trashing :(

25 Feb 2017 Erik_Twice


Still, that's a very, very good idea. You can force things against slums by playing two assets in a row. I should try it.

25 Feb 2017 LynxMegaCorp

As someone who has used Stinson with much success in EVERY faction since his release I can vouch for that adage!

Weyland (in-faction, not much to explain, but you also get to do Dedicated Ceremony / Reversed Accounts)

NBN (Reversed Accounts, HHN / Midseasons (go broke doing it, then grab 15$ from your Restructure)

HB (Especially in CI where you can get free Violets and cheap Blues... Disgusting!)

Jinteki (Definitely the least fitting, but RP / Asset lock / DNA Tracker makes it easier)

26 Feb 2017 Persopheus

@DarthIA``@Erik_Twice I have been testing a similar build for three weeks now and I think that a higher ice ration improves the performance, especially in the current Meta with a lot of ice destruction. Especially cheap ice like Vanilla which I added in a build that I posted a couple of days ago seem to add consistency since you want to defend yourself but don't drop too much in credits in the beginning... netrunnerdb.com I still see a weakness of these kind of builds against criminal and repeated Account Syphons... Any ideas on that?

26 Feb 2017 Persopheus

I see, Crisium Grid! Clever! Hate to spend the cards and the influence, but I have to consider that...

26 Feb 2017 Erik_Twice


Between Crisium, Targeted Marketing and simply being taxing enough, I don't think Siphon is much of an issue. In fact, they are here more for Vamp, Legwork and the like than Siphon, though it doesn't hurt! :)

9 Mar 2017 Brightsides

Oh god it's you.

Oh god you published this deck.


This deck took me nearly an hour of grueling Netrunner to play against as Eddie Kim. Stinson made my excited operation trashes very sad.

I have honestly been "dreading" the day you perfected this and shared it with the world.

Beyond being absurdly rich with lots of rfg effects, I have no idea how to fully counter it. Absurd early aggression with lucky accesses is the only way I've won against Mr Smiles here.

Again a fantastic take on an old stereotype, with many bonus points for underplayed cards and the surprise factor from CI, I just pray every night to never encounter it... Well done :)

9 Mar 2017 Erik_Twice


Yes, it's me! Man, that game was great. Super-long, but great. You played really well, and yes, your RFG cards really hurt! By the way, Jaz heard the tale of our game and refused to play, so you are surely making an impact here haha

I've actually been improving the deck a bit. Now it runs Adonis, a slighty different agenda composition and is a bit more stramlined. It's not perfect but it works :)

13 Mar 2017 BizTheDad

I got beat by this again... I hate you.