Kimmy Tools

SillySod 62

I'm looking for composition advice.

1) Influence is tough. Is it worth losing something to fit in Temujin or another Wyldside?

2) Am I missing any obvious tools?

3) Should I be playing this with Kim? (also contemplating Val and Whizz)

The plan is to use Faust early game and at some point transition into parasite spam. I never thought I'd say this but Trope is incredible and basically holds together the late game part of the plan.

Hades Shard is included purely to combat shutdown/diagnostic combos.

22 Feb 2017 FarCryFromHuman

I definitely wouldn't spend 4 inf on a single copy of Personal Workshop. Instant-install Parasite is nice but not really necessary if you remain aware of your opponent's ice options and run enough to see ice in HQ/R&D. There's also Street Peddler, which is good regardless.

23 Feb 2017 kjncl

I agree with @FarCryFromHuman I would consider Levy AR Lab Access over workshop. you can then lose your 3 tropes and add two more tools. ( and 1 more influence)

23 Feb 2017 adquen

I would go more all-or-nothing on Wyldside/Chronotype. Either you commit to that idea and add the full package (3xWyldside, 2-3x Chronotype), or just let it go and spend the influence elsewhere. Right now it's completely random if they show up. I also think the Workshop is not necessary. That could be the influence for more night clubs (and some other luxury for two influence).

Also, why Paperclip as your only breaker besides Faust? Sure, there is Wraparound, but I think the real problems are Sentries (Architect/Swordsman), maybe also some Code Gates (Turing/Magnet). You should be better off with MKUltra instead of Paperclip, I think.

I'm also not sure what Kim brings to the party. His ability is always nice, and he brings a bit of operation protection (HHN/Friends/similar stuff that sticks in the hand a while), but with your game plan you're probably better with Whizz (because nearly every Anarch deck is better in Whizz right now ...) or even Noise.