NBN you will be tagged

Lyncha 120

No matter how much the runner tries they will eventually get tagged. Then while they chase to trash the drt's prep your pshycobeale

11 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

data hound is bad, go 3 data raven. The only chance data hound has of being good is sansan city grid, of which you only have 1. Drop that, go to 3 bernice. Drop the tollbooth and go with muckraker, fits the theme better.

10 ice might be too light though, so theres that.

11 Apr 2014 Lyncha

Data hound is in for early siphon protection and hopefully to trash the plascretes before the get them in their grip. I've thought about muckraker but I don't want any bad pub. This deck isn't made to keep the runner out it is to force them to waste their creds and clicks trashing assets, get them tagged and then waste more creds and clicks chasing drt's meanwhile your setting up for the psychobeale/astro chain