Sifrfork: 1st Place 5-0, Level Up Games SC

Ajar 1606

When Sifr was printed, it seemed like a natural fit for Dumblefork's ice destruction game, but slots were a problem since Dumble historically only ran 1x Grimoire. I cut Datasucker to make room, and haven't missed it once.

Initially, I was on Strikes like most other Dumble players. When Aaron was printed, though, it seemed to be more synergistic with the gameplan -- clickless draw is pretty good in a Faust deck, not to mention a deck that doesn't like taking tags. I tried one Aaron and found that in addition to shutting down CtM, installing one early against EtF sped me up significantly. Clickess draw is good, right? I liked it enough that I went to two Aarons, reluctantly cutting one Faust, and it's worked out well.

There were only 12 players at Level Up this year, but a win is a win, and 5-0 is 5-0.

Round 1, Prison RP: A preview of the rest of my day. Aaron does nothing in this matchup, but Whizzard + a current to clear Cerebral Static + Slums to kill Bio-Ethics, Clone Suffrage, News Now Hour, Blacklist, and the rest is very difficult for RP to beat. Adding Sifr + Parasite on their big ice is just insult on top of injury.

Round 2, EtF: gh0st_b1rd makes my life a little easier here by gifting me some points from an ABT, but that just means I win during the "control the remote" phase of the Dumblefork plan instead of having to transition into attacking HQ (or eventually Medium on R&D).

Round 3, Prison RP: I remember that Slums stuffs Hostile Infrastructure after taking about 5 extra net damage. I win after Slumsing away 20+ cards.

Round 4, CtM: Gamble Laundry Slums Run; turn 2 Liberated click click Aaron. I control the assets, control the remote, and then when the coast is clear

I'm the 4th seed going into the cut, but the top seed decides to drop, so I become the 3rd seed. I win a Corp game against Hate Bear (achievement unlocked: beat Hate Bear as CI7 without playing Power Shutdown), then face my round 1 opponent again. We've both Corped, so we randomize and I run.

Cut round 2, Prison RP: Double Slums controls the worst of the assets, and he can't get his Ark Lockdown for my Levy before I fire it off. I win a TFP psi game on HQ (bidding 2), steal a Fetal, win two Voter Intimidation psi games to defend my Slums (bidding 2), and then get the winning GFI on R&D after trashing my third Chiyashi of the game with Sifr + Parasite.

I was top seed going into the Finals, and the same Prison RP player I'd beaten twice made it out of the lower bracket to face me. We randomized, and I beat his Andy with CI7, so I didn't have to face the Prison RP grind again.

6 Feb 2017 FightingWalloon

Congrats. Did you have fun? An SC full of CI7 and Prison RP sounds like a pretty grim day.

6 Feb 2017 x3r0h0ur

Nice work Raja! If you were to cut 1 card to make room for 2 estrikes (over 1 Aaron) what would you cut? Seems like lib or a sifr would be the most reasonable?

6 Feb 2017 oldman

This is just evil. I love it!

6 Feb 2017 Ajar

Oh, there was only one CI7 player -- me. ^_^

But the Prison RP games weren't especially fun for either me or my opponents. My Finals opponent said he was glad we played the CI7 game first, since if I won that (which I did), we wouldn't have to play the Whizz-RP matchup a third time.

x3r0, I'd cut one Rumor Mill and one Aaron for 2 Strikes if you insist on having Strike. One Aaron is pretty inconsistent, though, and you want him early vs yellow and and EtF to start racking up those tokens.

I would NOT cut a Sifr. I lean on Sifr HARD in this deck, even more so than Faust -- I facecheck constantly and eat damage to the face all the time so I can kill stuff with Parasites later. You really, REALLY want to see it.

6 Feb 2017 spags


Those are ideal matchups for the deck. Aaron shores up problem matchups.

6 Feb 2017 Ajar

Fast EtF isn't really ideal for normal Dumble, I don't think, but IMO 2x Aaron is better in that matchup than the Strike version is.

6 Feb 2017 Ajar

P.S. I didn't install Paperclip or MKUltra once. I don't think Paperclip is needed, honestly, since Sifr deals with Wraparound.

6 Feb 2017 Saan

I really, really like the tripple Sifr over the Datasuckers. That thing alone saves so much money for breaking and cards for Faust that it's almost a crime it skyrockets Parasite back to god-tier as well. The Marron is a cool inclusion as well. That dude just goes well in Netrunner decks.

6 Feb 2017 scd

Did you miss having Strike? I'm reticent to cut it but this deck looks fun otherwise.

6 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

Those games with my RP prison deck against this deck were indeed a grind. You played those games masterfully. I learned so much watching you play against my deck given how much trouble I have against prison decks.

For the record: - In one of our games you did in fact install the MKUltra. You did it when you facechecked a Komainu. You boosted with Faust to get it into your heap and then installed it. - Second, I was actually top seed :). The second seeded player dropped.

6 Feb 2017 Ajar

@scd Strike always felt clunky to me. I didn't miss it, and I think Aaron is a better fit. If you like Strike, though, you can run the same Sifr-focused Whizz with Strikes over Aarons. The basic swap would be 2x Aaron and 2x Rumor Mill for 3x Strike and 1x Career Fair or other spice. You could also keep one Rumor Mill and cut Clippy instead.

@BizTheDad You're right! I forgot about that MKUltra install. And congrats on being top seed! I didn't realize that, very cool.

Clippy definitely never made an appearance. I think I'll cut it, probably for a second SOT so I can make better use of my cutlery -- as it was, I was always saving SOT for Levy.

10 Feb 2017 lastchancexi

I love using Sifr to cut David and free up influence.