DrunkAlex 328

Tried playing Anarch, tried playing Shaper. Crime just pays better ;)

I think the deck speaks for itself. I would like to fit in an extra Gordian Blade, but just don't have the influence for it. Knight +e3, Dagger and Faerie + Silencer and Account Siphon + Lawyer Up are all pretty obvious combo's, but individually are still good enough to function. It feels weird to run a crim deck without FAO or Emergency Shutdown, those cards are really useful, but I think this deck will do ok without them.

This will probably become my tournie deck. Until H&P shakes it all up of course.

C&C welcome!

Cheers, Weezel

10 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

FAO is bad these days with everyone playing small ice. No heartache there. E-shutdown is super useful vs big ice. I love the deck as it sits, if you can play around big ice (using knight to full effect), but saving knight hurts your aggression, which is what gabe thrives on. My first thought without saying "add E-shutdown" is swap casts for bank job. With knight bankjob is amazingly easy to get, esp if you inside job after to trash the sansan or whatever if needed.

Also desperado is such a good card, 3 is pretty great, and 3 sneakdoor is strong with how aggressive you can be with knight. But I've dropped back to 2 using Mr. Li, so thats a feel call.

I've not played with silencer dagger, but it seems strong since it keeps the costs low, and between it and faerie, archer is toast, and so is grim, the two biggest threats except a well timed roto.

I think it'll work great for you if you stay aggressive and beat up their econ.

11 Apr 2014 DrunkAlex

Thanks for the insights. Good advice is always appreciated. I would love to add in another Desperado, but I've only got 2 core sets. 2 is still a pretty decent chance of drawing it though.

The draw mechanic was actually my main gripe with this deck. For me it was another reason to add in Lawyer Up. Drawing 3 cards together with removing the tags to protect your resources is pretty useful.

The next card that would be up for the chopping block would be Dirty Laundry. If my econ works well enough I would switch it up for Emergency Shutdown.

Another issue I'm worried about if my MU usage. I'll probably try to keep Knight in play as long as possible and then eventually replacing it with a normal breaker suite. Just depends how my card draw is.

I've tried Dagger+Silencer for a short while in a CT deck. Even though the rest of the deck wasn't that good, running sentries was dirt cheap. You might want to keep it in your hand till you've got 1 Silencer and the card only really starts to work once you have 2 stealth cards set up, so it's actually quite important to be able to find cards quickly aka good card draw.