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SillySod 62

Bully. Oppress. Destroy.

If you let the little guy hit you first then you are doing it wrong (and in the game). This deck is all about taking control of the match and disrupting whatever gameplan the runner is on.

Runners have a whole bunch of ways to make money really fast (tilting the early game in their favour) so the idea is to shut down as many of these as possible and maybe rob them a little too. Door to Door is ideal for this. Either your opponent pays the trace (disrupting Sure Gamble and Temmy J) or has to pay a click and two creds to remove the tag.... or they could rock the tag but with Big Brother/BOOM! and Closed Accounts it isn't a safe play.

The rest of the deck is pretty much about securing an early credit (or tag) lead and then keeping the runner in money/tag jail until you find a win condition. More or less every card is picked because it costs the runner more to deal with than it does to play (often a lot more). Cheap ICE is essential to the theme and if everything else is going to plan it is plenty sufficient to keep the runner at bay when you need to.

Special mention for Aryabhata Tech. This card makes everything better. If you can land it when the runner is poor then it can be extremely punishing.

Card swaps

There is quite a lot of flexibility in the tech choices. Anything that gets tags out there is probably non-negotiable but your punishes and win conditions can be completely rejigged to face a different meta or keep your opponent on their toes. Power Shutdown/EoI could be an unpleasant surprise. Consulting Visit is good but not exceptional so you could bin that and pop in The News Hour or similar if you don't want to spend all your influence in Weyland. The agenda suite has a good ratio of Threat to punish but could easily be made a bit more rushy if you want to win that way.

The worst matchup is probably rebirth into House Party Ian (he likes to dress as a lady then take all his clothes off?) so I'd love to hear suggestions for the best way to tech against that. The game is winnable but giving him 2 creds a turn is potentially unacceptable if you aren't about to win ASAP.

alt text Fox knows all.

31 Jan 2017 thunderfist

I was expecting Foxfire considering the name.

31 Jan 2017 SillySod

Ooooooh! - not a bad idea considering the number of virtual resources and link connections that you see at the moment (DLR, Turning Wheel, Comp Employee, Ice Carver, Black File, Net Mercur, Ghost Runner, Data Folding) and it is potentially another trace to rob them with. I'll try it out, cheers.