MaxX 102

amavric 1492

This has been my go-to deck for the last few months of casual meet-ups and leagues. It produces very exciting games that reward creative and resourceful piloting, all while being waaaay more consistent and more competitively viable than I would have ever believed.

This deck was first created as a response to Ark Lockdown - I was worried that MaxX would become unplayable due to the easy targeting of Levy AR Lab Access, let alone any key breakers. The natural solution was to remove the reliance on both Levy and specific breakers, by running an absurd amount of cards and a plethora of breaker options.

Why 102 cards? That's how many sleeves I owned in the same colour.

In terms of flex slots, there are a couple cards that I could see being changed, based on your local meta. The Ice Carvers are not entirely important, and I've only had to use Retrieval Run once in two dozen games or so. I would consider testing out Salsette Slums, Imp, or another R&D pressure card, like Keyhole. The MemStrips are by far the least exciting card, but MU will become a problem in longer games.

I encourage you to try this out! The reactions you get when dropping down your massive card stack are generally pretty great. Bonus points if you divide your deck into two piles - the pile you draw from, and the pile you trash. Enjoy!

23 Jan 2017 martinimon

I love this! Any problem shuffling this, I read somewhere that the deck size is legal as long as you can still shuffle it without a problem..

Reminds me of my NBN deck a little (, I've modified it since I published it, (went from being 333 cards to 439, I'll eventually update it) just because when I got into Netrunner my friend told me there was a limit on deck size as long it follows rules. I only really own the big boxes so was never worth making it

23 Jan 2017 DonFluso

Also note that by cutting 1x MemStrips, you end up with a training deck.

On a more serious note: What do you think about replacing MemStrips with Obelus? I realize that limiting yourself to 5 Memory might be an issue in the late late game, but does this scenario actually come up that often? In exchange, you should get your drawing console much more reliable..

23 Jan 2017 PlunkRock

No Levy? ;P

23 Jan 2017 amavric

@DonFluso You mostly need card draw to help set up your rig and find the appropriate breakers and economy. Obelus only works once you have your breakers up and you are making good accesses. For that reason, I prefer Vigil. An argument could be made for running two different consoles, and installing which ever one best suits the match-up/board state (this is something I've seen in old Noise lists, who had the ability to sell his console and exchange it mid-way through the game). If I were to go down that route, I still think I'd rather run Turntable, Grimoire, or ┼×ifr.

@PlunkRock That actually got cut from earlier iterations! Levy AR Lab Access was more important in the versions that ran Duggar's. I miss that card. I also used to run Motivation to good effect - by looking at the top card of your deck, you could decide whether to use your Vigil or Earthrise draw before you punk rock trash the top cards.

23 Jan 2017 amavric

@martinimon I remember watching a stream of someone from Toronto playing a Titan Transnational deck with 329 cards. It took a team of people to help shuffle the deck. First click of the runner's turn, they installed Keyhole. It took around twenty-five minutes to play out a game that lasted three or so turns.

25 Jan 2017 martinimon

ahaha that's great amavric, I'm gonna try to find that video! :D

25 Jan 2017 codychilton13

@amavriceeeyyy!! One of your subscribers just found your deck :D I gotta play it haha!!