Swiss Army Gaggy (1st Place, PDX GG SC, 1/21/2017)

Korporate 366

Deck went through a bunch of revisions. Based somewhere between these two well designed Gaggy decks:

Notable Includes: Elizabeth Mills - Mills is Bae. With your Mumba Temples and a Friend in High Places in hand, you can rez her for free, trash Slums, and put her right back (with something else annoying), and rez her for free with the other Mumba Temple. No bad pub.

Contract Killer - With Aaron out there I thought this was a necessary include. It worked pretty well. By the late game you should be making so much money against Crim that you can use your Mumbad Construction Co. advancements to use him without extra clicks.

Public Support - Older version of this deck was running EOI (which was removed for an Ash to protect Mumbad Construction Co). Generates another timed threat on the board. One scored makes two Hollywoods a win. More ice: Going to 9 ice lets you ice remotes more. Against Whizz ice important assets.

Wish I hads: Executive Bootcamp/Executive Search Firm - I really should have found room for one of these.

30 Jan 2017 EnderA

How viable do you think going 100% in on kill would be? I was thinking Door to Door + Zealous Judge to tag non-runners, Closed Accounts to turn a single tag into complete dominance (also goes well with Hard-Hitting News + Zealous Judge), and going up to 2 BOOM! & 2 Zealous Judge in case of Salsette Slums.

Also, with the inclusion of 3x Friends in High Places now, I'm thinking of switching to 2x Clone Suffrage Movement and maybe 1 Ark Lockdown (as anti-Sifr/Parasite and/or Levy AR Lab Access), or a third CSM or a Magnet, which enable including Jeeves Model Bioroids (fetchable with MCH.)

30 Jan 2017 DarthIA

I guess there are 2 cards from Quorum that I cannot see. Which are they?

30 Jan 2017 EnderA

@DarthIA I believe they are 2 Macrophage since he mentions having 9 Ice, which is particularly effective on R&D vs Medium digs, but also works in a pinch on HQ vs Siphon.

30 Jan 2017 DarthIA

Apparently there is some issue with my Chrome when accessing decks with Quorum cards... I've just seen using Safari that the cards where 1 Macrophage and 1 Veritas.

I am also toying around with Gagarin builds, but without Mumbad Construction Co.. I'll give this a try.

30 Jan 2017 Korporate

@DarthIA: I had the same issue. Clear your delete your cookies/cache/purge virus counters and it should work.

@EnderA: I like the idea of using CSM. Sensie only really works if you can get it out early, and could probably be straight replaced with CSM if you want a stronger late game.

As dumb as it sounds, it's really hard to find card spots in this 54 card deck. Trying to finding the right tag punishment/support I think is where there's room to improve. In this version, using Ash+Mumbad construction Co. + scoring out is the punishment for non-runners. You have plenty of recursion and Cyberdex for clot.

The Zealous Judge works better if you have an alternative "one tag" tag punishement (i.e. Closed Accounts/EoI). He's still viable, just a little bit more awkard with only BOOM!