No Friends 4 Crazy Kimmy (1st Place, PDX GG SC, 1/21/2017)

Korporate 366

Came to the SC expecting to see Sifr messing with corps, putting my tried and true Eddy Kim into viability. I play Kim relentlessly even when he isn't the most viable, but they keep printing really good operations. Didn't see too much Friends in High Places but I did see Power Shutdown/24/7/CI decks at the top tables, making this deck (with its double Rumor Mill) work really well.

Deck list isn't all that fancy. Packs the full Conspiracy suite with Inject for draw; lets Kim run early and often. I've found Scrubber to be a tempo hit in matchups where you don't want him so I just doubled down on money. Has double Slums to deal with prison (just have to be more tactical with its use). Don't fear the facecheck (your cards aren't really that important) and parasite your centrals. Temujin HQ + Bhagat + Kim Ability + Obelus is a ton of HQ pressure.

23 Jan 2017 Shishu

Did you have to Levy a lot? Seems like its main purpose would be to recur parasites and protect against attrition but idk. Did you have trouble with MU at all? I feel like not playing Grimoire is tough if you have a full rig.

Anyway love the deck, might just play it in my next SC.

23 Jan 2017 Korporate

@Shishu: Thanks!

Levy is mainly there to work agaist PU/Prison and because I've never been able to ween myself off. I don't think I used it on the day. If you don't need it the SoT works well for getting Rumor Mill back on the table.

MU I never had a problem with. The conspiracy breakers aren't really for building a "Big Rig" so I never had a full suite out. They do let you run super aggressively. Hope to get a datasucker on the table and just force them to rez stuff. If you play the corp's games you're going to lose.

People always compare Whizzard and Kim, but I think they play really differently even if their lists are similar. Whizzard is reactive and responds to what the Corp does. Kim loves HQ and R&D. Hit those hard and fast.

24 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

Would you be interested in coming on the show to discuss this build?

24 Jan 2017 Korporate

@CodeMarvelous: Sure! What's the best way to get in touch?

24 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

@Korporate you can private message me on stimhack or slack. If you have neither of those you can find me on twitter @codemarvelous

5 Feb 2017 Imperialcreed

@KorporateDude, I took your deck to a store champ this weekend in Ireland and won. Absolutely top work here, I'd rarely played with Eddie and this was a great deck to pilot. Thanks for publishing.

2 Mar 2017 Pantacruel

Great deck. Been playing for a week now. As long as you don't screw up the money tempo, things usually go down fine.

Except for any Jinteki net damage shenanigans with Ark Lockdown. Timing of the Levy AR Lab Access is key. Which kind of makes me want to replace the Levy but not sure with what. Any thoughts?

Bhagat is a beast in this deck. I added a Spooned after planting into a field of Lotus. Not sure if it's that useful. But I switched out one Slums for one Archives Interface. Recommend trying it. And depending on the money and ice situation, I always find one is better than the other.

2 Mar 2017 Pantacruel

I think Find the Truth would be an amazing replacement. Testing it right now.

3 Mar 2017 Pantacruel

I can confirm than Find the Truth is such a cool RnD pressure card. And the synergy with Bhagat is great since, depending on the order you resolve them, you can either see the card you mill, or mill the top card and then see the next one.

It has come to the point where 95% of the games, Medium will do absolutely nothing for me. I know cutting them is stupid but as I wirte this, I can help but wondering what they could be replaced with. But at the same time, the simple fact of seeing Medium in your heap puts pressure on RnD. Your thoughts?

Anyway, thanks again for the awesome build.

3 Mar 2017 Pantacruel

Final thoughts... since I removed the Levy and the Spooned (not really put to use in most games), I think it's safe to remove the Same Old Thing.

With this deck slot, not sure either what to do. Testing "Freedom Through Equality", because when you can see the agenda on RND, or when HQ got pried open with Parasite, it might be real good.

3 Mar 2017 Korporate

@Pantacruel: Hey! definitely agree money management is at the core of this deck. Trying to never dip below ~5c unless you need to is key to keeping tempo.

Cutlery works well (esp with Kim's love of cheap runs), but the question is always slots in my mind. The deck used to run Faust/Cutlery for easy access, but that package took up a lot of slots. A single Spooned could be a good meta call in a meta with Lotus Field everywhere (though that is the once ice that Black Orchestra really handles well....). Swapping a slums for AI would probably help you in some matchups but hurt you in others.

Find the Truth is interesting (and I agree Levy/SoT is the card to cut), but it doubles up on R&D pressure the same way that Bhagat does (by not actually needing to run R&D!). That being said, I still like Medium because it can put the corp in "Headlock" situations where they HAVE to respond in a way that Find the Truth doesn't. I could see a different version of this deck running Find the Truth + Freedom/Mad Dash though. Really cool idea. :D