this machine explodes fascists (4th, Common Room Games SC)

stoppableforce 575

I took this deck to the Common Room Games Store Championship in Bloomington, IN and blew people up. Good enough for 4th place, but not good enough to get higher because I had an out in my final game but was too inexperienced to see it until hours later.

Full credit for the deck goes to @d1en for building it and playing it at worlds, and @ekayohlee for mercilessly blowing me up repeatedly during a casual meetup so that this deck was stuck in my mind.

Changes were small, limited to -1 Anonymous Tip and -2 Vanilla for +1 Hatchet Job (my NACH plan) and +2 IP Block. The IP Blocks were mostly ok, except for the Jesminder (yes) that I played round two. Vanilla or Wraparound is probably a better call after all. Hatchet Job, on the other hand, did exactly what it was supposed to do - lifted Nexus Kate's NACH off the board, opening her up to 24/7 Boom.

The deck went 3-2 on the day, with very little practice; it exploded a Null, Kate, and Leela; Jesminder managed to pull 4 agendas on 5 accesses including the Datapool, and Geist presented me with a situation (Forger and On the Lam both on board) that is solvable with this deck's toolkit but which I did not figure out until literally three hours after the tournament ended. It was paired with an Andromeda Power Tap Desperado deck.

8 Jan 2017 scd

Congrats on the excellent finish, and good seeing you yesterday!

30 Jan 2017 d1en

Congrats on the showing!