Builder of Woodcutter and Tyrants

seskomoe 77

Just a fun tier 2 deck I've been crafting over the past week or so. Let me know what you think. The big spice is to TL;DR a Woodcutter or Tyrant but a Mausolus is always a decent choice.

30 Dec 2016 bat1man

if you musin no shin out anson rose he starts with 3 advancements

30 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@bat1man Good catch! I was gonna mention that but you beat me to it lol.

30 Dec 2016 seskomoe

@bat1man @codychilton13 any thoughts on how to free up influence. I have been using Dedication Ceremony after the rez.

31 Dec 2016 Oooer

@seskomoe I think dedication ceremony has more utility and is in faction compared to mushin. It costs you 1 credit and you have to res anson compared to the mushin, but dedication can be used later to pump more or recharge. Mushin does let you do agendas, but with no trap threat you better find a good piece of ice to install in front of it.

I think your ice is maybe a little thin, even for a 44 card deck. TLDR is positional and woodcutter and tyrant require setup to be effective. There's only 7 pieces of ice that you would be happy to see in the first few turns of the game. One to maybe think about!

31 Dec 2016 seskomoe

@MrChompydo you think going up to the next level agenda point level to put more ice is worth it? Or how would you change the Ice around.

Right now I try to make sure I put the Tyrant and Woodcutter in a server with Satellite Grid to make sure they are not useless when rezed.

31 Dec 2016 Pinkwarrior

@seskomoe I would look at using PAD Factory & adding some PAD Campaign to make it free and add econ. This will allow you to advance any ICE or cards at all meaning you can use normal ICE with your ability as well as advance-able kinds. Also Id drop Tyrant for another Woodcutter It's just too expensive for what you get.