Near-Earth Fabrics

inniscor 560

This is an updated version of several Lakshmi NBN decks I've been playing around with. In conversation with @TheBigBoy we made some changes to fix the ice suite and clean up some of the installables.

Went back to a regular sized deck to add a couple of win conditions for when you get to 6 points. Previously I was using the Beale for 5 but that can lead to some set up anxiety. Scoring six and finishing off with a one pointer is fine.

Fast Track helps speed up the deck so you don't need to wait around for pieces to filter in. Just make money and keep your board.

The deck performs reasonably against different runners. Whizzard is an uphill battle but if you play less horizontal or faster it may be difficult to adequately assess threats until it's too late. If you can't hold on to your board for very long Beale probably needs to be scored as a 3 or 4 pointer.

Hopefully this deck is interesting enough that someone out there decides to run with it. I've had a lot of fun with it.