Two_EG 336

Can runner with handsize 1-2 can survive against your SHOW OF FORCE?

I don't think so.

Punitive is good with Vanity, but also works with Show of Force when their handsize is tight. Maybe you can replace it with Neural EMP, though.

19 Dec 2016 Krams

I really like the idea!
It's so brutal... with the ID and the current the runner is left with a handsize of 3.
Every single " Do 1 brain damage." you can land kills off 33% of what he had left.
And even a single Mushin'd Overwriter can completely nullify his handsize, bringing him in easy kill range for Show of Force/Punitive Counterstrike.

19 Dec 2016 DrMarodi

Nice one! I would consider runnig Quicksand instead of Vanilla, you have so few ICE make it harder to destroy. The runner will run on your centrals with the bad pub from fenris... get some advantage out of it!

9 Jan 2017 skoud
18 Jan 2017 ctxjckl

This is going to be a fun SiFr hate deck :)