Mandatory Fun

arccollie 732


Let the runner score a Mandatory Upgrades ASAP. Fast Track for it. Media Blitz that sh*t, and then score all your 3-advances from hand to victory.

Money is standard HB stuff. Not gonna go into specifics there.

Friends in High Places is FANTASTIC and if deck space weren't tight I'd add more. Getting a Breaker Bay Grid and an Adonis Campaign back in one go is pretty nifty.

There was initially a Merger, but I quickly realized that was a bad idea and dropped a Fast Track in favor of two The Future Is Now's. Highly underrated agenda that does some serious work.

Fairchild Sr. mostly for fun. It's scary, though. Also, I like Wall of Static, fight me.

Executive Boot Camp as a tech against False Echo and Blackmail decks, cause I hear those are pretty popular right now.

Reclamation Order is personal preference. I prefer using one of these over multiple Archived Memories, but if AM is your jam, go for it. You'll typically use it on Media Blitz in my experience.

Media Blitz is the backbone of the deck. Your game plan is to get this activated on a Mandatory Upgrades as soon as possible. You can score the rest of your agendas from hand with this up; it's fast advance that can't be trashed like SanSan City Grid, and requires less money than Biotic Labor (and is used more than once for one card.) I actually had two games in a row where I Fast Tracked for Mandatory Upgrades, then slow advanced it out in the open because the runner thought it was a trap. Doesn't happen often, but hilarious when it does.

Jeeves is something I totally wanted to add, but felt too constricted on space. If you have anything you'd want to drop to bring it in, I'd love to hear about it.

Overall the deck is very reliable and I've pretty consistently got a 70-80% win rate with it on Jinteki. Give it a shot!

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18 Dec 2016 StarlightCrusade

Weird Al? The more I look at your deck, the quirkier the thematic connections get! And I take it the runner is supposed to steal Mandatory Upgrades?

18 Dec 2016 arccollie

@StarlightCrusade Yep! Just did a write-up. :>

18 Dec 2016 Jandersoncad

This deck is awesome!!!

19 Dec 2016 grueble

Love the deck! Media Blitz is seriously underrated. One thing, the Breaker Bay Grids might be unnecessary since you aren't running Eve Campaigns. The combination of AAL and Adonis provides a lot of econ, esp. when you aren't using Biotics. Not sure how tight the econ is in the deck though. That could free up room for Jeeves + Lateral Growth.