Reavershop Kate - 1st at Trotta's Hobbies SC

saetzero 2321

Get reaver on the board asap. Trash the things. Draw the cards. Its a blast.

18 Dec 2016 chrome

Great list, this looks like a lot of fun. I've been trying to do the same thing out of Pitchfork Hayley, and I'm convinced to switch, but I have a couple questions. Do you find that you have enough money without the third Harbinger or something like Kati Jones? With LLDS did you ever find yourself wanting the third Scavenge?

18 Dec 2016 podoboyz99

And he still is finding ways to turn good decks into chameleon decks ;)

Congrats on the win

18 Dec 2016 saetzero

@chromeyes i had enough money. easily. cache is worth 6 and a draw, harb is 6 and 2 draws over 2 turns. clone chip a harb back on the opponent turn, and its 6 and 3 draws over 2 turns. aesops fuels the deck like crazy. and hunting grounds (pop on opponent turn) is net +7 and 4 card draws plus gets stuff in the heap for cc or SOT

and i barely wanted 2 scav if im honest. i used to have 3, and cut it down to two. you might be able to do 1, but thats dicey. scav is clearly not super needed though.... i scav'd a cycy i had to move one game for a harb to fuel the engine more.

im used to forfeiting board state kinda recklessly though. you can be more conservative. but no, money isnt an issue. just need aesops early and you are golden :)

@podoboyz99rofl, its the sentry breaker... though you know damn well i used it for more than that. but this is the breaker suite i use for any cacheshop if im not on true chameleons :) - ty :D

18 Dec 2016 Calimsha

Can't break janus. 0/10

(congrats for your win)

18 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Calimshaoddly enough i ate 3 brain to a janus as i won the game to someone :P

18 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

Congrats on the win.

How do you manage the New Angeles City Hall without Film Critic? Without any Clot either, I'm wondering what your plan is against Breaking News plays if you need to steal an agenda and lose NACH. Do you just hope that you find the 2nd copy before they have an opportunity to do anything?

18 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Gilgamesh_KoH i dont play nach until its needed. a BN play early can be recovered from, so dont play it. you have indexing and freedom. you have 2 nach. a lot of money so keep sscg off the board. just play tight, be willing to lose board early and use nach to tank the late game

18 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

@saetzero Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply. It sounds like you still think the NACH are worth their slots even without the support cards. How much did you actually end up using them? Have you or would you consider swapping them out?


18 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Gilgamesh_KoHfuck breaking news. every serious tournament deck i play (which is usually shaper if that matters) has 2x nach in it. because fuck breaking news. fuck Exchange of 'i didnt deserve these points'. fuck '30 dollars? how about 0?' closed accounts. fuck power shutdown kill combo.

nach forever until it rotates.

18 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

Fair enough :) I also play NACH in every deck, unfortunately I slot a Film Critic with it because I am not a good enough pilot to know when to (or not to) install the NACH.

I'll try going without the FC and hopefully with some practice I'll get the hang of the timing. Thanks again and congratulations!

19 Dec 2016 Saan

Double CyCy double Lady 3x Clone chips in Kate... man, this brings me back to the good ol days. It's comforting simply to look at. I'll have to try this; I had a great time playing both Prepaid Kate as well as Chameleon Kate and Pitchfork, so this looks to be a great time here. You keep playing them chameleons, man.

20 Dec 2016 Mechanoise

This deck does what a Shaper does, and I really like it. My only niggle is the lack of any multi-access, but I suppose the 3 Indexings are there to make up for that. Going to try this for myself, well done.

20 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Mechanoise yea its 3 indexing and 2 SOT (plus the levy for more indexing spam). added with Freedom, its my standard shaper multiaccess plan. and it works great for how i play :D

20 Dec 2016 dawspawn

This deck looks great, I can't wait to try it. Do Clone Chip and Sharpshooter trigger Reaver?

21 Dec 2016 saetzero

@dawspawnthey sure do. as does scavenge and smc! try to use smc and cc on the corps turn, to get an extra reaver draw out of it, since you are likely selling something to aesops every single turn :)

23 Dec 2016 HoneyBadger

This looks really awesome!! I've never been a shaper player, but this is definitely going to get sleeved... Just one question: Don't you have issues with MU? Cycy on RnD and on Remote, Lady, Reaver and then you are out? Or am I missing something?

23 Dec 2016 saetzero

@HoneyBadger I wouldnt have two CyCys out at once most likely. You can run astrolabe if you feel that juggling the MU seems troublesome to you. :)

28 Dec 2016 juliandark

I am really missing some "let's blindly access lots of RND" cards, indexing is just weak late game where you can't really afford to get into RND twice for 1 agenda. No HQ pressure either so you really need to win from RnD and 1 freedom sometimes doesn't show up when you need it. I would at least switch 1 indexing for makers eye (makes SoT more diverse). But good deck anyways, congrats on the win.

28 Dec 2016 juliandark

Also, one Deus Ex perhaps?

28 Dec 2016 saetzero

@juliandark I mean i dont really agree, but if you want more non-index kinda pressure, go to 2x indexing 2x rd interface. RDI installs for 1 dollar more and gets you accesses forever. but you will def draw the FtE almost every game. I average 15-20 draws a game from Reaver alone.

SoT also doesnt need to be diverse. it has 3 great uses right now (levy index and fte), and its a ghetto draw tool if needed with diesel (4 cards for 2 clicks if you didnt aesops that turn isnt awful.) and also scavenge.

Deus if you want it? i didnt think i would need it and the list was tuned for a tournament i had a reasonable handle on the meta i would be facing.

i mean always play into your personal style, but i dont agree with your points really at all. shrug?

29 Dec 2016 CodeMarvelous

I cut one daily for a deus ex to fight all the blue sun in my meta and it works great. other than that, after you are used to it this engine really hums.

29 Dec 2016 igrekk

Why no Scheherazade?

29 Dec 2016 saetzero

@igrekk influence, and since you already commit the first smc to find reaver, i dont wanna tie up another getting another card like that. you easily could though. change the hunting grounds if anything.

30 Jan 2017 Daigelmir

What do u think of including Net-Ready Eyes for extra boosting Chameleon to face Janus 1.0? Any possible way to free influence for Aaron Maron?