The NEXT Wall 2.0

DrunkAlex 328

Adaptation of my earlier NEXT Wall deck. Found here:

Biggest changes: Ice: I made a bigger difference between my types of ICE. Cheap Binairy ICE next to more expensive mid game ICE. I've mostly left out the really big players like Wotan and Janus, because building mutiple levels of cheaper ICE with different subtypes is IMO just a lot better. I'd like to exchange another Viper for a Rototurrent, but don't have the card for that. I'll have to borrow it sometime.

Agenda's: Big overhaul here. Project Wotan is fun and stuff (especially if you add 6 subroutines to a card), but 3/5 agenda's is just too much for this deck. Threw them out, loaded up on the Gila hands for econ. Switched Efficiency committee for NAPD contract to tax the runner. As a 2/4 agenda it proved to be more of a hassle than a true boon, might as well make the runner pay to let him score.

Assets and Operations: The previous deck was too basic. My econ was already quite big and cards like Successful Demonstration have a good turnover, but it sucks to have a condition on a econ card. Eve campaign was too slow for my tastes and with Gila Hands I could diversify my bag of tricks. Of course the most logical step would be more +1 click cards. Threw in 2x Biotic Labour and 2x Director Haas. Made the deck a lot faster. Once Haas is on the table and you've got SanSan in your hand, scoring agendas becomes cheap as chips.

I'm probably not going to change much to this deck until a few more expansions are out (unless somebody has a good suggestion). I'm still waiting for more NEXT ice. Probably going to play Jinteki for awhile once after the Chronos Protocol tour.

6 Apr 2014 prozz

why SfSS if no efficiency committee? isnt normal eco better in that case?

6 Apr 2014 DrunkAlex

Good point. 3x Beanstalk or something like that might be better. I guess it's mainly I've played SfSS in all different kinds of decks till now. Basically if I'm (almost) broke, I can still advance stuff. I find the click you save by playing SfSS better than the extra cred you get from beanstalk. I've had plenty of times I only had 1-2 creds and was still able to score out of hand thanks to SfSS. Or 5-6 creds biotic labour and score with SfSS.

Once you score Gila Hands, econ isn't really a big deal IMO, so I'd rather go for click efficiency.