I've Had Worse (Literally, this deck runs leviathan)

PoroPoro 90

So this deck managed to seal 4th place for me in the recent regionals. Firstly, the threat of his ability is amazeballs. Being able to force the corp to dedicate their resources on centrals are always great. Comboed with medium/nerve agent/imp, you're guaranteed to ruin the corp's plans or snag a few agendas.

I'm sure there'll be many questions regarding the many singleton cards that I run, namely turntable, aesop, human first, kati and LEVIATHAN. Turntable cause the extra MU helps. Aesop cause Daily casts and armitage AND also to sell away medium/nerve agents when the ices get too thick AND for d4vids once they have dried out. Human first, man this is a good card. I can't stress enough how many games this card has helped me with. Being able to break in to a central, steal an agenda and gain back credits is huge. Again, it doesn't really matter as I don't need it out asap. It will get out sooner or later cause y'know, wyldside and also street paddler. Kati is there for the times when I'm super broke, lost everything and she's my only hope left, don't install otherwise. THEN THERE'S LEVIATHAN. So, this idea came to me when I was playing with this guy online and he was playing this super beefy HB ETF deck. Basically fairchild 3.0, dna trackers and sandburgs. It came to me that I couldn't handle these kinds of decks with just D4VIDs and faust because sooner or later my engine dies and their servers become impenetrable. So I included this big guy to deal specifically with those ices. Yes I could have imported Gordian, and many more efficient code gate breakers, but its Leviathan. Installing this card and seeing the reaction of your opponents will make your day, trust me. Every game that I managed to pull him out, priceless. And then there's spoon. Again, to deal with those annoying code gates. Get rid of them once and for all.

Why 1 medium and 2 nerve agents? Because hitting HQ with Imp+NA is just the best feeling in the world. Corp saving that closed accounts to take your money? Show them your pinky finger. Prepared to get scorched? Man up and take their guns away. Real man don't play protection, they get up and fight. Don't let those weyland scums burn your house down or those nbn creeps steal your hard earned money. BE A MAN, DO THE RIGHT THING.

As for matchups, I find CTM really annoying to deal with. Don't install your resources. Get your main breakers, run wisely and DON'T GET TAGGED. Not efficient but day job kinda helps with HHN. Just day job and hard remove the tags the next turn. TAGS MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL.

Remember, you're Humanity's Hammer.

16 Nov 2016 doldol161

I'll change Express Delivery into Networking instead for those Taggy match up and add 1 more Scrubber, also change a Corroder into Paperclip so you can use your Corroder first, sell them with your Aesop's Pawnshop then install Paperclip.

Have you try Vigil instead of Turntable? more card draw could be good for Faust too.

16 Nov 2016 esutter479

If I were you, I'd try to find a way to sneak at least 1 Hunting Grounds in there. Tollbooths and Data Ravens are still a thing, and even 1 HG can make your life much easier, especially with Leviathan knocking down those hefty Gates. :)

17 Nov 2016 Shade Delano

No shitty GIF/catpic. No sir, you're not getting my vote.

20 Nov 2016 Pinkwarrior

@PoroPoro Dispute your points for running Leviathan i still think its the wrong choice. If your only running it for DNA Tracker & Fairchild 3.0 it seems to me that GS Striker M1 is just better its as good against both tho's breakers and cheaper to install it also works out better for alot of other codegates like Lotus Field.

20 Nov 2016 Pinkwarrior

@PoroPoro you do get my vote tho for not having annoying Gif's. :)

24 Nov 2016 PoroPoro

@Pinkwarriordefinitely! Worth noting however my card pool is only up to pre-data&destiny. Structuring a deck to go up against meta decks with a limited card pool will definitely be less 'efficient' than it probably could have been, but I didn't wanna discourage myself from participating just because I didn't have all the new flashy cards :) Being an underdog forces one to think outside the box too so its all good :D

24 Nov 2016 Pinkwarrior

@PoroPoro Ah I see that makes a whole lot more sense now.