Door to Door Making Enemies - Undefeated GNK Winner 11/5/16

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Going Door to Door Making Enemies

(Undefeated GNK Winner 11/5/16 - Memphis, TN)


I’m not usually a fan of “Headlock / Prison” decks that turn games basically into Netrunner Solitaire.

However, when I saw Door to Door I became infatuated by the card’s theme and art and wanted to make a deck with it. So with the help of @tgmoore I built a deck that went undefeated in my monthly GNK tournament and made A LOT of people on Jnet hate me during testing.

This deck crushes runners with zero link and even more so if they are resource economy dependent.

In testing, I won as many games by concession as I did Agenda Points and heard, “That card makes Netrunner no fun to play.” or “Go F- - K yourself.”

Against Nexus Kate or other Rabbit Hole Runners you have to quickly adapt and go Fast Advance. Generally, those styles of Runners will reveal their plan early in order to make the trace on Door to Door worthless so you have a big red flag that you need to score out ASAP.

The plan is pretty simple – Get a Door to Door in opening hand. If you have to give up a “pretty good” opening hand that doesn’t have Door to Door DO IT. Unless your opening hand leaves HQ wide open with 2 - 3+ agendas in hand, you want to start with Door to Door. If after a mulligan, you still don’t see it – just set up like normal and with 3x copies it’ll be there pretty quick.

Every turn you will use your ID’s two recurring trace at the start of the Runner’s turn to boost Door to Door to trace 3. The runner almost always pays to match link and drains their pool or wastes 2 and a every turn to stop this. Even if they have Networking or NACH they are going to fight that tag, instead of using those s to run. If they float the tag then it’s a free meat damage each turn. I’ve seen that one random damage rip vital cards out of Grips so many times.

So… why is a single tag important? It’s really not, but they don’t know that. So they’ll keep paying it. This deck is all about the self-imposed economy denial Door to Door provides and a fear of a Scorched Earth that never comes. I don’t have to actively take your s away, like with Account Siphon or Vamp, Door to Door forces you to do it for me. I have seen entire Temüjin Contracts whittled away in a couple turns, Runners that burst creds thru events only to be broke again two turns little later and so forth.

Your game plan is being able to FA or score outright while the Runners are broke or force them to take an Agenda when you have a Midseason Replacements window and BOOM! or Exchange of Information

Most of the game will be spent with you sitting there building up s watching the Runner continuing to “cut off their own noses” while you keep your eyes open for windows . This deck wins early, mid and late game and will make your opponents either concede or cuss you when done.

Card Choices –

IMHO most of the cards are pretty straight forward. 14 ICE – some ETR, others add a tag to combo with Door to Door and get you to BOOM! easier. News Hound was a real winner in this deck.

3x Door to Door – Yes, it eats six influence, but the entire deck is based on this card. If you draw a second and don’t need it now, HOLD ONTO IT. No current lasts forever and I’ve had a few people just quit as soon as they replace Door to Door with their own current, just to have another Door to Door in place immediately.

2x Jackson Howard – I’d like a third, but I can’t squeeze it in without a sacrifice elsewhere. You just need to make sure that you don’t waste the second one and you remember a third isn’t coming.

BOOM! – This card didn’t make it into the deck until, literally, the last night of testing. I had to give up 1x each of Breaking News, Global Food Initiative and SanSan City Grid. That was not an easy choice, but this card won every game where it saw play.

The All-Seeing I and Exchange of Information – There are other cards out there for single tag punishment like Closed Accounts or positional ICE, but these were the two I had the most consistent success in using.

Prisec – This card was all @tgmoore and it is almost priceless. It bluffs as SanSan City Grid and Jackson Howard. You can also put 2 – 3 of them in the same server to really punish an access. Sometimes I will even rez them just to avoid a Drive-By or to scare Runners especially with a Data Raven out in front.

Subliminal Messaging – Another @tgmoore MVP addition. I never considered it before I saw him use it, but it makes complete since. You need as much economy as you can get with this deck and a free 1 most turns while the runner is just trying to gear up can make a huge difference.

Questions / Comments?

8 Nov 2016 Ladriel

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8 Nov 2016 DarkMite2

@Ladriel- Thanks for your help. However, I'm so technologically ignorant that I don't understand the instructions. =/

If you could either break it down like I'm 4 years old or copy & paste what I need to do, I'd appreciate it. =)

8 Nov 2016 PureFlight

I'm not sure why people get so frustrated by this. It's like the Aryabhata+Datapool deck we saw over the summer. I mean, yeah, it's a huge pain, but there's no need to get uncouth!

8 Nov 2016 DarkMite2

@PureFlight - In an ideal environment, IMHO, Netrunner should be an interactive game, like a chess match. As I stated in my opening remarks, headlock decks like this and the one you referenced make the game feel one-side from the start. For these decks it’s almost like the runner can’t get started or do anything without being punished and that is what frustrates some, me included. I never intended to make a “solitaire” style deck, but that’s what came out of my deck building and I found a lot of success playing it casually and in a tournament setting.

If interested - My first draft actually included Aryabhata Tech, but I spent too much time / energy protecting it and not scoring. Thanks for your comments. =)

9 Nov 2016 DatLo

You should consider playing Big Brother so that you can use it to boost the tag into boom range if the runner decides to go single tag me?

9 Nov 2016 DarkMite2

@DatLo- As mentioned there are a few single tag punishment cards that I tried before settling on The All-Seeing I and Exchange of Information. Big Brother was one of these that I tried. However, 95% of the time that Door to Door tag doesn't stick around because Runners are too afraid. Which is fine because I prefer the economy drain anyway. Big Brother would sit in hand the way The All-Seeing I does sometimes. The reason I kept The All-Seeing I is because when it does fire it is a wrecking ball.