CAAACAW Unleash the bird - 8-1 Worlds, first place KOS 2016

dashakan 523


I like playing runner decks that don't allow the corp to play the game. If you do too, you will love this deck!

Step 1: Money up Step 2: Install Eater Step 3: Account Siphon A LOT Step 4: Keyhole

Sometimes you want to keyhole things other than agendas, if you are short of Siphons, but typically just take the agendas (and Jacksons) because the corp will never have the money to score them again. Other targets are Sweeps Week, and if you think the corp might be able to money up, Psychographics or Tollbooth.

This is a modified version of Selverins Polish Nationals winning list, I'll go over some card choices:

Why Quetzal? Resistor. Also good for Quicksand, or Wraparound. I used it on some Elis and Bastions as well, but mainly for Resistor.

Why Vigil? Against some decks the game can be a bit of a tightrope walk mid game, Siphoning will take 2-3 clicks depending on SOT or Deja, and you just don't have clicks to spare to draw. The cop can't do anything with their cards without money, so you will get a free draw per turn, to put you into more siphons or potentially Wanton Destruction or cutlery.

Selverin played 3 plascrete, I cut one for a Knifed. As DrAwkward pointed out to me before the event "What about double Resistor R&D?" Seemed an easy include to me.

Selverin played a Black Orchestra when I asked why, he told me Lotus Field. I cut it for Spooned, why not kill the Lotus and never worry about it agian.

I almost went undefeated in the swiss at Worlds (and subsequently top 16), but I made a game losing mistake on my last turn in round 9, by trashing a card I knew to be Jackson instead of the safe line of Same Old Rumor Mill (it was BOOM! deck, turned out to be 2 Jacksons installed).

This deck is a ton of fun, not sure how long it will remain competitive, but I feel it was an excellent meta call for Worlds 2016.

7 Nov 2016 SeIverin

That 2 changes that Jesse made are great. Despite that he made it 5 minutes before registration :p Now i'm also playing with this upgrades. Only difference is that i have 3 plascrete and 2 dayjobs (boom everywhere).

7 Nov 2016 Fruggles

East. West. It's not cheating, it's confounding your enemies.

7 Nov 2016 Sixtyten

Nice list and enjoyed watching it on stream. Awesome name and gif too.

8 Nov 2016 meta4

3xDirty Laundry seems like an odd choice since it doesn't synergize with Keyhole, Siphon or Eater very well. Are there really no other money options? I feel like Liberated might be better with the classic install, click 3 times and leave the last set of 4 on for closed accounts recovery.

8 Nov 2016 dashakan

Dirty Laundry is a necessary card against CtM, and that goes for any runner deck not just this one. You need it to trash sensies or rezzed sansans early and still keep up econ wise. This is clearly a tag me deck, but early you are likely removing tags until you have broken the corps econ.

8 Nov 2016 Bilitherubin

Can confirm, deck is great for meta, and crushes CTM as long as you are aware of psychographics. I used the same deck as Selverin too, ended up as 58th. Quetzal went 6-2 for me. Losing only to a pyschographics, and a 15c worth of early ABT.

8 Nov 2016 Bilitherubin

Edit: I went 6-2 and a draw. I think Knifed is a great addition to also go against Blue Sun, just in case you need to deal with a Curtain Wall. I still do like Black Orchestra for the flexibility.

8 Nov 2016 osclate

I played a similar deck and ended up 62nd overall. (4 Quetzals in top 96!!) I added a last minute salsette and scrubber to help with CtM matchup. I'm impressed that you did so well without Black Orchestra, I needed it several times to deal with a lotus field!

8 Nov 2016 dashakan

Why did you need it to deal with Lotus Field? Was it in a situation where you could not just have Spooned it with Eater?

8 Nov 2016 osclate

There were times when I was digging to find either one. I guess I just happened to find Black Orchestra more often. Maybe 2 Spooned would have been the best bet. Because I never seemed to find my one Spooned when I needed it.

8 Nov 2016 dashakan

I used same old Spooned and same old Knifed as much as same old Acoount Siphon.

8 Nov 2016 osclate

Nice. I'm sure the skill of the pilot makes a difference, too, I'm going to continue to practice with this deck. I was so thrilled that I got as far as I did!

11 Nov 2016 meta4

Have you ever considered dropping a siphon for a planned assault to free up 2 influence?