Elli's a[PSI]lum

Elli 14

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to my first published deck!

The A[PSI]lum

What brings this deck together other than spamming psi games to make your opponent tilt?

Fumiko Yamamori She is absolutely beautiful to play with. Most of the deck is around her and her ability.

Lets take a look at the combos.

Main Combo: Defective Brainchips < Rez Fumiko < Cerebral Cast < Scorched Earth/Brain damage x2

This combo does not require Fumiko but is the standard way to set them up for the flatline. The Runner WILL expect this.

Secondary Combo: Crick > Marcus Batty REPEAT with Fumiko Rezzed

This combo features the Win a PSI game or die method possible with Fumiko by constantly recurring Marcus Batty with Crick. The Runner WILL NOT expect this.

Notable Cards:

Jackson Howard/Preemptive Action: 18 cards ladies and gentlemen. Imagine the Marcus Battys.

The News Now Hour: Having 2 Brainchips inst enough, use this card to stop Rumour Mill then recur it if necessary.

Voter Intimadation: This card can save you from a nasty resource as well as doing 1 meat damage at will as long as they have an agenda in the score area. Looking at you Film Critic/Temüjin Contract/Salsette Slums.


I'm having trouble with Account Siphon: Drop a caprice onto HQ instead of the Fumiko Server. You don't need alot of credits for the combos so stick around 3-4 to make it undesirable.

There arnt playing any PSI games and are breaking everything!: Utilise the Cobra > Marcus Batty Combo my friend. Trash the programs at will.

Rumour Mill is too op!: In order to succeed vs Rumour Mill you must be prepared to battle it with your News Now Hour and Brainchips. you can recur. you can rebuild. Pressure them. Fight the good fight.



News Now Hour x1 >> Scorched Earth x1

Jackson Howard x1 >> Voter intimidation x1

This change creates pressure earlier by getting your kill combo quicker. Takes away a little recursion and Rumor Mill safety.

Feel free to give me some card changes and advice for the deck.


22 Nov 2016 MrAaronSA

I feel like this deck needs something...

12 May 2017 dusk_

no Fumiko Yamamori in the decklist?