McDonald's filthy deck (sporcezza)

Imaginarium 64

Hello guys! This is a deck created for fun, but I used it to some store championship and it's really fun! I won a lot of games. but the key for victory is bluffing. Good luck! "Sporcezza" is back!

21 Oct 2016 argaille

I'm Lovin' It

21 Oct 2016 Dazzling

You run, you die.

21 Oct 2016 oldman

I like the agenda suite. It's so devious

21 Oct 2016 Madden

You need some Back Channels, isnt?

21 Oct 2016 Imaginarium

``@Madden` it's a good idea , but the twelve point of influence are necessary for Jackson and cerebral overwriter :/

21 Oct 2016 Imaginarium

And for global food eheh

21 Oct 2016 Imaginarium

@argailleyeah! Do you want any sauce ? Ahahahah

21 Oct 2016 killj0y

This is quite possibly the most simple application of jinteki principals that i've seen. I love this as a teaching deck to make people be more wary about how they run. Sadly I don't see anything in here that encourages a runner to run once they've been bitten once or twice.

21 Oct 2016 vor_lord

@killj0y if they don't run, you Mushin agendas and score (it only takes two) or win by Ronin.

22 Oct 2016 Simone Suka

next world's winner

24 Oct 2016 Imaginarium

@Dazzlingyou know ? ;) ``@Simone Suka` thank you !! I hope ;)

24 Oct 2016 Imaginarium

@vor_lord yeah, it's right :)

26 Oct 2016 Imaginarium


2 Feb 2017 ironlix

@Imaginarium i apologize for this newbie question but i definitely want to try some Jinteki Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer deck.

How exactly should the psi game be executed? Since the credit pool is open information, can't you just deduce what your opponent spend before you reveal it? Is there a way for both players to conceal the bid without violating the rules?

19 Feb 2017 Imaginarium

@ironlix yes, it's true. The psi game seems like a wheel of fortune , but the important thing is the loss of time for the runner. Because an agenda stolen which psi game is more difficult. ;)