Bhagdad bhatgag bathag bhagat

Exo 355

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Put Turntable on your head, pump up the sound and ask the crazy guys on Bhagat to makes sure the corp gonna hear your angry comments on how they are abusive and lack morality towards the people of Netrunner.

Game plan

This deck is aiming at a simple plan, get wherever you can while keep advancing your board and making money! You should eventually make it to the victory since making money and drawing cards is not a issue with this deck.

Card choices


The main twist of the deck is Bhagat. This card is awesome. I don't know how many cards I trashed with it but for sure it's always more than with Kim's ability. Together it's pretty disruptive and ask you a few efforts to get there, 1 install and that's it!

Draw engine

Another strong combination that this deck use is Making an Entrance , Inject and the recursive breakers: Paperclip and Black Orchestra.

You use Making an Entrance, drop the recursive breakers in the Heap and any other copy of what you doesn't want (Ex.: the second copy of Turntable). Then you rearrange the rest and put the other programs on top. You can use Inject just after that and get no risk of loosing your non recursive programs. Isn't it marvelous?


Rumor Mill is a beast. It's simply the best runner current IMO. It allowed me to win many games.

I tried Hacktivist Meeting because I hated the new archetype of HB where they rez a tons of powerful assets and can make money even on your turn. But in the end the almighty Rumor Mill was still a stronger choice for cutting their Jackson Howard and Ash 2X3ZB9CY out.


Spooned is there because the type of ICE breaker that can be problematic here: Decoder.

Every faction now have a high strength Code Gate: Fairchild 3.0, DNA Tracker, Mausolus, Archangel, etc. Black Orchestra cost a lot against those big Code Gate and Yog.0 + Datasucker might let you pass them only a few times. Spooned get rid of them and saves a tons of money and also, it might avoid you getting locked out of some servers eventually.


Turntable was the lasted addition and so it is the strongest option here, console wise.

I was using Spinal Modem before but CtM is just a nightmare with it. Turntable is a better option since I am not lacking money anyway and you often have to wait to start running wherever you want because your breakers are not out yet. When you have to score late, Turntable can easily give you the game.


All in all, a very strong deck to answer the current meta. I got the concept as far as I could and it perform very very well. Try it out and you'll see.

A fun deck and a strong one. :)

12 Oct 2016 RubbishyUsername

Is GS Shrike M2 worth the influence over Faust/David for high strength sentries?

12 Oct 2016 Exo


You could try Faust over GS Shrike M2 but as the draw engine is not entirely supporting it and there is no recursion for D4v1d and Parasite I doubt it will perform at best here. You would want to trash those multi-subs sentry the second time you would encounter them.

If you do that I would also remove Making an Entrance, some of the out-of-faction econ, put some Forked in and a Levy AR Lab.

Otherwise you could use Faust as a backup option like: -1 Career Fair + 1 Faust. I didn't feel the need of it but it might be useful, who knows.

For my part, I would definitly keep GS Shrike M2 as it is better in long match up against Jinteki and HB.

13 Oct 2016 Exo

I have made some changes to it since I see a lot of Lotus Field lately. Feel free to do whatever you want. :P

Here's my changes: -1 Yog.0, -1 Career Fair, +1 Black Orchestra, +2 Parasite.

23 Oct 2016 EnderA

Have you considered changing the 2 Same Old Things into 2 Déjà Vus? Then you could get back Temüjin Contract/D4v1d/Parasite. It costs 2, but a net 2 instead of 3. Would be especially effective with your extra Parasites now.

Also, would a Medium be possible? You already have a lot of programs, but no multiaccess on R&D.

24 Oct 2016 Manadog

What do you do when you inject shrike?

24 Oct 2016 Exo

@EnderA I decided to go for SoT because I was not intending on recurring anything else than Events. It saves 2 credits + hand space. Déjà Vus is a good option, it's up to you. My lasted version(not yet definitive) don't use Parasite anymore. If you want to run 3x Parasite use it. When I tested with Parasite I completely forget about DV!

I used Medium before but I didn't find it very useful. First, I don't run R&D that often unless I can low investment. If it's the case you might be able to dig anyway because of Kim's ability. Also this deck will lack Mem at some point if you want those extra multi-access programs and you will have to cut on consistency which I find more important than what I consider overkill options.

When you are setup with Bhagat and preferably Rumor Mill you will find it much more attractive to spend your effort on running HQ once per turn and controlling the board(trashing annoying assets and making sure you can get in the scoring server when you want).

@Manadog I don't because I use Making An Entrance before. Unless I am playing sloppy it never happen. Otherwise there is Mimic + Datasucker and D4v1d,

I'll post my newest version of the deck I think because it's more consistent than this one and have a better focus on what the deck is trying to do.

25 Oct 2016 Oblivion

I would really love to see the new version of this deck!