Righarvester v2

aloobyalordant 142

Hey, remember when Chronos Protocol "Rigshooter" decks were a thing?


Well, the idea was to use CP's ability (plus a healthy amount of program trashing) to snipe key icebreakers and recursion, leaving the Runner unable to get into scoring remotes. The problem with these decks was that the Runner could just install their key cards before running. You could still try the program trashing route, but at that point your ID was more or less blank.

Flash forward to the Mumbad cycle, where FFG released a bunch of cards intended to synergise with Palana Foods by making the Runner draw cards. This led to experimental "overfeeding" decks that forced the Runner to draw through their deck. These didn't really work because, okay, so you've made the runner draw and discard a whole bunch of cards. Now what? Until the Runner draws the last card of their stack, you're basically just giving them free deck filtering.

Forced draw, meet Chronos Protocol. Chronos Protocol, forced draw.

Using a HoK token after a Harvester, or firing Palana Agroplex and then Neural EMP (if the Runner made a run last turn) or Bio-Ethics (if they didn't), means you can get rid of the Runner's key cards before they have a chance to do anything with them. Program Trashers + Marcus Batty deal with the breakers on the table. A couple of Aggresive Secretaries are your emergency measure if none of the above got the decoder off the table. And of course Chronos Project, Protocol's version of CVS, helps handle those stubborn Levy decks.

Recently retooled to be Code Gate based rather than Barrier based, since Paperclip is now a thing. House Of Knives is your best agenda. If your opening hand has 1 piece of ice and House of Knives, you should absolutely install and ice the House Of Knives.

1 Oct 2016 esutter479

Awesome look at CP here! :)

I really like the ICE variety, and about the only thing I'd change is the Archer. It's a great ICE, but it can be unreliable here if you're leaning on it. I'd maybe go -1 Archer for +1 Ichi 1.0...or just 2 Ichis. Batty combos well with either one.

Also, I've been looking for a way to go horizontal with CP for a while now, and every time I just end up deleting the idea from the database, cuz something is missing. Perhaps now, with your list to give me inspiration, I can come up with something that's a little less predictable. I guess besides the Archer, would it be plausible to throw in more net damage opportunities here?

2 Oct 2016 criminallyplayed

Great to see CP getting some more love! I have been playing it exclusively for a month or two now and I love your idea behind this list.

My suggestion is to include salem's hospitality and maybe test out aiki. It didn't quite work in my build, but it is another way of making them draw cards and take damage at the same time. Maybe try -1 harvester +1 aiki and see if you like it.

I also question the include of aggressive secretary and archer. I have tried both in my builds and they never really worked out well. Often times aggressive secretary never worked out, and the few times it actually did fire, it didn't impact things too heavily.

Ichi as well is not worth the include, as more often than not the runner just clicks through the trash subs and lets the trace fire. Archer is far superior, but without a cheap 2/1 like in Weyland and NBN, rarely could I justify setting myself back 2 points to rez it. I would just put in another cobra in place of an archer, and then something else, like crick, for a cheap and powerful piece of ice.

Also how is the asset economy working for you overall? I seem to have a lot of issues in my operation-econ focused build. I don't know how well Sundew works in a non-RP deck. Do you find that it doesn't ever stay for long?

And also what is your plan against ice-destruction decks and decks that rely heavy on siphon?

2 Oct 2016 lolpaca

It might be a bit gimmicky, but Brainstorm can be a beautiful surprise when you're running Mental Health Clinic.

This is a great idea, I love how creative it is! I'd maybe consider rejigging the agenda suite a bit - The Future Perfect seems like it'd go quite nicely as they can hang around semi-safely in HQ until you're confident they won't be able to steal.

Grim might be worth a look - bad pub don't matter if they can't get in. Also, Georgia Emelyov.

2 Oct 2016 rojazu

May I suggest Aiki over Harvester

5 Oct 2016 Jashay

Ark Lockdown. Do it. Absolutely fabulous in these decks. I was running a vaguely similar idea, although more geared to hitting cards from the hand than trashing breakers, and Ark Lockdown singlehandedly wins games. Popped both Yog.0, opponent concedes; popped a Levy AR Lab Access, MaxX milled herself away; hell, just removing a couple of Account Siphon can really shift a game.

Seriously, that card was made for CP.

As for the cards you're actually using, 2 Archer is excessive, and tbh I wouldn't even run one. Grim is a good shout. 3 Harvester is too many. Aiki is interesting as a 1-or-2 of. Himitsu-Bako is amazing if you can remove the fracter, since you can put it where it's needed.

Why Sundew?