Quetzal Syfon (1st place Polish Nationals 2016)

SeIverin 3125

Simple strategy, play siphon if you have, if you don't have, draw for it. Meantime try to not die.

In swiss 4-1, top cut undefeated.

26 Sep 2016 hutch9514

Was double yog over double d4vid worth it?? Just curious. Congrats on nationals!

26 Sep 2016 Elodius

Congrats on winning ! Awesome deck and even better deck explanation !

26 Sep 2016 Angedelo

This deck is my jam. But I've had issues in the past with Closed Accounts and Psychographics. Also problem code gates, specifically Archangel and Tollbooth. What I mean to say is NBN, I've got a problem and it's yellow. I'm tempted to squeeze in a Spooned or two to help, thoughts?

26 Sep 2016 Krasty

Quetzal with just one barrier breaker and no cutlery? That`s so impresive! :o) Congratz on winning!

26 Sep 2016 SeIverin

Yog was more usefull. Especially on hb with turings.

27 Sep 2016 magikot

How is it useful on Turing? What HB is playing Turing on a central?

27 Sep 2016 SeIverin

Vs eater deck it's the best use of turing to put on centrals

4 Nov 2016 osclate

Thanks for sharing this deck, it is working well for me at Worlds! I'm 23rd heading into Day 2, so we'll see how it goes!