Calling all Prisecs

kevintame 421

Prisec is the best card for Weyland that has recently been printed. The main goal of this deck is to get a server with some Prisecs and then install public agenda using Casting Call and your other agendas.

This plays much like a modernism build but Prisec gives is more teeth. Hard-Hitting News is also a great tempo hit and I love to fire it off early.

Start of Game

  • A good starting hand is some cheap ice, an agenda (preferable Project Atlas or Hostile Takeover) and some economy operations. You want to start scoring right away.
  • I don't typically ice R&D and let them access it for a turn or two if they want. I like to put one on HQ and one on the remote. Once I get more ice in hand then I worry about R&D
  • Mother Goddess is really nice over a remote and Excalibur is nice over whatever server you don't want them to run a lot. For example, I installed excalibur over HQ on a Gabe runner and it made it hard for him to get his game going. Installing on the server that a criminal has a Temujin on it great.

Mid Game

  • At this point you want to have a server with 2 Prisec. Don't install the Prisec until you have some ice down. An easy way for the runner to keep this server from getting out of control is to run the server and kill the Prisec before you can get an agenda in it. You only want them accessing when there is an agenda or Snare in there. Otherwise they can run in and clear it out.

Late Game

Other Thoughts

  • If the runner ever drops below 8 credits fire Hard-Hitting News it is such a tempo hit and a great way to land some tags that they will have difficulty clearing.
  • Use Jackson Howard wisely and don't let Rumor Mill fool you.
  • I don't really like to install Snare! unless I feel like they would run it. For example if you are on game point and they have to check the remote or else you win then go ahead and install it. However, Snare! is just better in your hand or in R&D.
  • Enforcing Loyalty is there to kill Plascrete Carapace but I've also used it to kill a key breaker before.
  • I often do not rez my ice as I want to save money and so the runner is going to get a lot of access. This isn't bad for you if they steal some agendas as there is typically consequences. I have won several games where I was down points and have come back to win with a kill or scoring.
  • I was running Geothermal Fracking before but the bad publicity helps them kill Prisec so I switched it for Corporate Sales Team.
  • I want Zealous Judge to work but another Restructure might just be a better card to have in the deck

You can play this like a Modernism deck and you should be fine. Let me know your thoughts and feedback.