Meat Katana

paulxthompson 234

Jes' thinkin' out loud for now to test out a bit later on. I like the idea of a Neural Katana also doing meat damage. Thoughts always welcome.

30 Aug 2016 lunchmoney

How are having Neural Katana with an advancement on it? With Satellite Grid? Does that work?

30 Aug 2016 paulxthompson

I don't see why not - the wording is identical.

30 Aug 2016 tiedyedvortex

Yeah, Satellite + Katana works. So does PAD factory.

Builder, Hollywood Reno, and Space Camp only work on typical advanceable ice, though.

Also, since you're only running 3-point agendas, I would find room for some Public Supports. The Katana+BoN kill only works if they're facechecking ice without a killer, and isn't reliable, so you're going to want a way to hit 7 points without needing to hit 9.

30 Aug 2016 paulxthompson

That's a good point @tiedyedvortex - I know that the agendas might not be good choices. I'll find the space somewhere for 2 Public Supports. Maybe take out two of a Space Camp, Satellite Grid or Dedication Ceremony.

30 Aug 2016 ChairmanHiro

I would trade the space camps for shipment from Kaguya. The one click is definitely worth being substantially more reliable to get counters.

30 Aug 2016 paulxthompson

Having started to test @metafoxx I've started to do just that already and it pays off. There are too many situational cards here.

31 Aug 2016 ChairmanHiro

The deck doesn't have anywhere near enough econ in it. Commercialization is ok but look into Back Channels instead. Also if you are going to run all those 3 point agendas, Punitive Counterstrike is almost required.