Chronocol Rigshooter

siroracle 159

I think the time is nigh for rigshooting to rear its program-trashing head once again. Runner deckslots are tight, and why run multiple copies of programs when you can just run recursion instead? Well, this deck is why.

GOAL: Your primary win condition is getting rid of your opponent's decoder/AI breaker and then sticking a code gate on HQ, R&D, and a scoring remote. Your secondary win condition is a slow, grueling, net-damage kill after getting rid of any pesky Levys. This can and will happen. I've taken permutations of this deck to Gen Con, several GNKs, and other assorted tourneys, and always gone >50% with it. It's not Tier 1, but it's hella fun and wins games.

GAME PLAN: Use Chonocol's ability in combo with Bio-Ethics, Neural EMP, House of Knives, etc. to pick apart the important pieces of their hand, primarily programs (DECODERS) and recursion. If you think sniping econ will help slow them down, feel free to do that too, but don't lose sight of your goal. Install Bio-Ethics, Psychic Field, KGTV, or Chronos Project in naked remotes and dare the run. Use Chronos Projects to get rid of the heap once it gets big or once it has juicy targets in it. If you're relatively confident about programs being in the heap, rez a Blacklist behind some ice and see what happens. If they manage to get programs down early, Batty+Grim or Power Shutdown to get rid of them. Win.

CARD INCLUSION RATIONALE: Salem's Hospitality - Salem's combos great with Chronocol's natural ability to know what's in the Runner's hand. Get rid of that pesky I've Had Worse (though they'll probably just use them once they see your ID), or clear out several of the same card to force them to waste a turn drawing up.

Kala Ghoda Real TV - Heavily underrated. Usually not worth trashing for the Runner early, and gives you extra information about what's in the Runner's hand so you know when to time your net damage/Salem's. Lets you snipe programs into the heap without a Runner response, and combos great if you already have a Chronos Project down. Minor bonus: can be trashed midrun to disrupt Dirty Laundry runs.

Bio-Ethics + Neural EMP: While obvious includes, just wanted to note how well these work together. Bio-Ethics forces the run, which lets EMP fire on the following turn. Maximize those Chronocol snipes!

Snare!+Psychic Field - Also obvious, but necessarily to punish remote-checking. Is that a Psychic Field or a Chronos Project that I've installed in a naked remote?

3x Chronos Project - Because no one else does. Because the Runner will score one and you can still confidently stick another in a naked remote. Because the Runner will score two and, assuming safety, stop checking remotes. Because the alt-art is awesome.

Power Shutdown - I've bounced back and forth between this and Aggressive Secretary as extra program trashing, but I like Shutdown's ability to get rid of an early SMC or Feedback Filter. Take your pick.

Magnet/Lotus Field - Laugh at Runners who expect Parasite recursion to make up for having a 1x decoder.

Swordsman/Wraparound - For Eater+Keyhole.

1x Restructure - Might need to be a Cerebral Static with all the runner currents running around.

IMPORTANT NOTES: -Chronos Protocol will always be weak to net damage prevention. There's still no reliable of getting rid of Feedback Filter/Net Shield once they hit the table unless you're lucky. Sorry. -If you play this repeatedly in a local meta, players will learn to play around it by installing/protecting their decoders. Shake it up every once in a while by adjusting the ICE suite and focusing on killing fracters or killers instead. -Reeeeally wanted to work a Keegan Lane in here somehow, but there's no room for it + tagging. I think a Harishchandra rigtrasher deck with Keegan, tags, and Salem's is very doable, and may even be better than this. Someone look into it.

Big thank you to everyone in the Chi meta for supporting my weird decks and putting up with this one in particular constantly coming back from retirement. :)

29 Aug 2016 vor_lord

I've done a rigshooter in New Angeles Sol: Your News with Keegan Lane, and have wanted to try again with Salem's Hospitality and Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star.

Your deck, combined with the fact that I see criminals throwing their one-of Paperclip in the heap immediately, makes me want to try this again.

31 Aug 2016 wynalazca

This seems like it might actually be in a decent spot in the meta these days. I've been wanting to play real tv/blacklist/salem's in Chronos Protocol ever since Salem's was released and it just never felt good enough with all the runner recursion.

Only thing I see is you might want a current of some sort so that the runner can't just install a rumor mill and blank your Jacksons and Battys while checking all your remotes making it impossible for you to score out. Also, not sold on Grim. There might be something else you could slot there, I'd probably try out Cobra first. The strength difference probably isn't a huge deal right now, the 2nd sub is good, and not taking a bad pub is really good.

21 Sep 2016 rooster

Do you not have problems with chronos project and blacklist cancelling each other out?

23 Sep 2016 siroracle

Thanks for your comments!

@vor_lord Yeah Keegan is lovely, definitely think he should be played more.

@wynalazca I went with Grim for players that will run with just a Mimic out, but can see Cobra putting in work too. This deck tends to not care about the Runner's income - have as much money as you want if you can't spend it on breakers cause they're gone.

@rooster Definitely something to keep an eye on, but they don't "cancel each other out" so much as provide two different ways of achieving the same effect - getting rid of breakers. If you've successfully Chronos'd away their code gate breaker, blacklist isn't useful anymore (or the other way around), but also you've met your win condition and can advance out behind an Enigma/Magnet either way.